Gears of War Tactics release question

@the-coalition Simple question, since everyone knows that Gears of War 5 is coming to pc as a Xbox play anywhere title, will Tactics get the same treatment? I know that we are months away but I’m betting that they will release a few months apart from each other so neither one fails. I don’t play on pc because I’d have to use a controller for accessibility reasons anyway and at that point it’s cheaper to buy a console. I know that Microsoft is trying to expand the Xbox live brand to everything so it’d be idiotic not to release it on Xbox, especially since 2 through Judgment are still truly exclusive to the Xbox console brand.

Thank you

As of right now it looks like Gears of War Tactics will be PC exclusive.

I think it is likely to come out on xbox at some point, was even hinted as much by TC, or at least they are very aware Xbox only players want it.

That is assuming it ever gets a release.

I honestly forgot about that game. I mainly see 5 and pops getting promoted.