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Gears of War should be a movie or show?

Hey ok so now with Gears 5 out and we as fans keep asking for more such as a movie. I constantly go back to the actual story of G.O.W. and I would be happy with a movie as long as it was done right. But with a movie I feel that they wouldn’t be able to include everything that is important to the story. I honestly think that it should be made into a show. A show that is aired on a platform like HBO showtime Netflix or hulu. This way they have more time to go deeper into the lore and more in depth with the characters. As well with a show they would have enough source material to go through 7 seasons plus some. But with either way that they go weather it’s a movie or show they need the right cast to make it work. I love movies and shows for the storytelling and how actors portray the characters. With that said my opinions on character and actors who should play them I made my own casting list for certain rolls

Anya Stroud: Katheryn Winnick, Laurie Holden, Katie Cassidy, Amanda Seyfried, Yvonne Strahovski, Stana Katic

Marcus Fenix: Dave Bautista

Dominic Santiago: Jon huertas, Gabriel Luna,

Damon Baird: Jai Courtney, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Alan Ritchson

COLE: Lester Speight

Col. Hoffman: Michael Rooker, Stephen Lang, Jay Sanders,

LT. Kim: Jason Lee, Mark Dacascos

Anthony Carmine: Dash Mihok, Grant Gustin,

RAAM: Ron Perlman, Hafpor Bjornsson, Derek Mears Nathan Jones, Robert Maillet

Queen Myrrah: Cate Blanchett, Sigourney weaver

Some great names in your list, I would be concerned that pretty much every video game taken to film has failed and produced a terrible film, I still shudder remembering Doom


Mortal kombat was successful and true to the game. They just screwed up the sequel. Doom was terrible.

I’m gonna have to say Hoffman: Ron Perlman

Anya Stroud: Lindsay Lohan
Marcus Fenix: Vince Vaughn
Dominic Santiago: George Lopez
Damon Baird: Owen Wilson
COLE: Terry Crews
Col. Hoffman: Ian McKellen
LT. Kim: Jackie Chan
Anthony Carmine: Sean Bean
RAAM: Peter Stormare
Queen Myrrah: Angelina Jolie



Oh please no





Speaking as a fan here, not a forum mod. That is the worst list I have ever seen! Owen Wilson? Lindsay Lohan? Vince Vaughn and Linsey Lohan as the most important Gears couple?

Allow me to humbly suggest a few better pics

Anya Stroud: Yvonne Strahovski
Marcus Fenix: Batista
Dominic Santiago: Oded Fehr
Damon Baird: Anyone BUT Owen Wilson
COLE: Lester Speight
Col. Hoffman:The angry old guy the from American Chopper meme
LT. Kim: Jason Scott Lee
Anthony Carmine: @l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l
RAAM: Christopher Heyerdahl
Queen Myrrah: Bridget Regan (She is the Queen)


Yeah, there have only been two video game movies that were acceptable imo.

That’s a good list, much better than mine.


I have a passionate hatred for Owen Wilson. If he was in the movie i wouldn’t watch it.

I am sure though there is a ton of unknown actors that could also do a fantastic job.

These are the only ones i would really care about being cast.

I only know Heyerdahl’s work in Van Helsing, which is sufficient enough for me to agree that he’d be a great RAAM.

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I am glad that someone knows him!

He was fantastic in Stargate Atlantis too. He didn’t do much in the Twilight movies, just stood there brooding.

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You forgot Clown. You also really care about him being cast


All of your replies have me cracking up

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Jackie Chan LMAO!!! Dude I can’t stop laughing at that

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It shouldn’t be anything of those. It will turn out a mess like Gears 5.


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