Gears of War services currently unavailable (24 July Main Thread)

Are the servers undergoing maintenance? The code is 0x801901f4… hopefully it comes back up soon smh


I watched the stream of Slaughtem on Twitch. He had the same problem.

I didn`t try it myself cause I am chilling on Twitch right now

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I just tried and as soon as i was supposed to join a match it gave me the same error.

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I have flagged the issue to TC on twitter in case they aren’t already aware :slight_smile:


Since 10 minutes can’t find a game. error…

My acc is not able to play ranked matches and says gears servers are down plz help

Same up here … loading profile, create match and NADA


same here, since 3 hours ago… microsoft support just tell me to wait until TheCoalition restart the servers


Just tried to play a match and got the same error🤔

Someone knows something about it ?

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Servers down. Again

//EDIT: Might be some Xbox Live problems

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servers down code 0x801901f4

Its weird im getting the same error but some friends are in games. im guessing its only affecting some people

Update on this. I searched 2vs2 with a friend and then the error message “gears of war services are down(not available)”

When I searched alone, I could search, but didn’t find any games for over 15 minutes

Wonder if that’s why my ping was at a 150 earlier! I reset my internet and did testing and all was normal. I usually ping at 30. I see a couple of other people had mentioned the same issue earlier.

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TC do you think you could be kind enough to get Gears 4 working ASAP!!! Smdh :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging::joy::+1::grin:

I keep getting errors every time I look for a match.

are all you guys on pc? i think it has something to do with the new nvidia drivers. 431.60 smh


Im on console

Delta, did TC respond on Error?