Gears of War Season 3 Pass not installing

I purchased the season 3 gears pass and the content wont download, I’ve cleared my xbox 360 cache and it still wont download after uninstalling, restarting my xbox, and reinstalling. I cant play Raams shadow and the maps packs wont install. I installed said map packs separately and they downloaded fine, so it seems like its an issue with the season pass download itself. I think this may be related to the state the game is in right now (Gears 3 is basically broken). But im out 15 bucks, is it possible this issue can get looked at so i can use the content on the DLC without having to buy Raams shadow separately?

Arent all the DLCs for Gears 3 free now? Lol

Not all of them unfortunately, Raams shadow and i think the Horde command pack you have to purchase, Fenix rising and forces of nature are the free ones. Also didnt get my liquid metal skin for my lancer =/

The Forces of Nature and Fenix Rising map packs are free, but the Horde Command pack and RAAM’s Shadow are not. I think some of the Horde pack achievements can be obtained without buying the pack and joining someone else’s lobby, but at least the Onyx Guard skin achievement would require the purchase.

Don’t remember exactly how the season pass items were supposed to be downloaded in Gears 3, would need to fire up the 360 for that. Would be interesting if this gets TC to actually get the event server running again if the in-game access to the season pass items is handled by the same server.

I wouldnt be surprised if the 2 matters were related to each other

Since you mention the 360 cache, I’m guessing you are trying this on a 360. Do you have everything (base game, season pass, saves) on the same drive?

Yeah i purchased the DLC through the marketplace on the same Xbox. When it downloads it will go from 1% to like 33%, then fail the download. I’ve tried everything to fix it but it looks like its an issue with the dlc this problem looks like is recurring on true achievements.

The Season Pass itself, which is under 200 KB in size on the 360, is failing to download? Or you start up the game with the Pass downloaded, get a prompt that Season Pass content is available, and then that content fails to download?

When i click download the download bar will pop up, go immediately from 1% to 33%, then fails to download, when i load up the game i dont get that error screen stating season pass content not available but the DLC isnt there, I downloaded the map packs separately but i dont have the content for Raams shadow and the Horde command map pack

I found the TA thread, and the OP said they tried on Series X and got the pass refunded. Looks like the Horde Command Pack is available for free when playing through backward compatibility while it still costs in the 360 ecosystem. I saw you also posted on TA, and you have some Xbox One games on your tag. So you could get the pass refunded, buy RAAM’s Shadow, save $5 and play it on XB1 with access to everything.

Is switching from 360 to xbox one gonna reset my progress?

Copy your saves to the cloud drive on your 360.

Gotcha. I’ll give it a shot thank you