Gears of war reboot/more prequels?

I wonder, will Gears 6 be the last gears of war game to continue the story? I mean, I feel at this point that Gears’ Story will finally run it’s course at 6. One example I have is Halo, I honestly feel if not a total reboot, Halo Infinite is going to be a soft reboot. The new halo game would make us remember why we loved Halo in the first place and just start over, I believe that it’s just the natural progression of gears to start again with Marcus at like Aspho Fields or something. Maybe “Gears” or “Gears of War” would remind us why we love this testosterone filled big men with chainsaw guns.

TLDR: Gears 6 last game,feel as if Gears reboot would happen after

if daddy microsoft tells them too, then they will do it like a good dog.

Well… now there is/will be different type of Gears games: POP and Tactics.

I am 99.9% certain that we will never get a full human VS human GOW game. It just wouldn’t have the same feel, so everything we get in terms of a full-game will always be from E-Day onwards.

At most, we may get a chapter which is a prologue and set pre-E-Day, but that’s as far as it will go.

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Humans V Humans in Gears is something I’d really like but see why it’s most likely never gonna be a thing (no chainsaw bayos or locust controlled creatures) but I do think there’s gonna be a reboot of the series, just makes sense by dropping the number and rebooting it for a new generation because gears of war did come out 14 years ago.

Gears 6 definitely feels like it will be the end of the road, same with Halo 6 to some degree.

It’s too bad though because I honestly feel with this game the stories just begun. It’s because Gears 4 didn’t really do much of anything story or character wise

Not being negative or anything but I’m basically ready for it to retire. They can polish a re-release remasters of the old trilogy afterward and that’ll satisfy me for the remainder of my life.

I’m into short campaigns, missions and lore stuff too (like RAAM’s Shadow). So if they want to go for the stuff, I’m all for it.

I don’t know if that type of thing warrant whole games though.