Gears of War PC horde: H.I.V.E Mode

Hi guys,
Long time ago I was fascinated by a horde mode which came with Gears 2. Then I got only my PC and I really wanted to Play some horde, Gears PC had fantastic addition at its time, game map editor. It has very powerful abilities to make beautyful maps with customizing almost of aspects of gameplay. I sunk on the world custom maps and modes, but I always wanted to Play as close to original horde as possible. So I tried myself of doing stuff in editor, and couple years of working and tweaking with editor and game resulted in my interpretation of horde mode (it was after publishing GoW 3 and before GoW J).

I called it HIVE mode and it was almost a port of Gears 3 horde with some twist of my mind. If you want to check it out and you have ability to run Gears 1 PC, not UE edition, you can try it.

Here you can see some footage of it:

Hive mode main site

If you like to share your opinion about this modification, feel free to leave it here.

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