Gears of War PC (Games for Windows - Live edition) patch

Switch between DX10 or 9 mode. That seems to work

We play this every week in the Gears PC Discord if you wish to join us

Nice! Send me the link!

@Bisonfan95, thank you very much for this post. It really helped me get the game installed and running. Unfortunately, I am now running into another frustrating issue: when I move my mouse left to right, instead of making the character look left to right, or turn the character left to right, it moves the player forward and back!

It seems like the mouse x axis is bound to the wrong player control. I’ve trying making some educated guesses about how to modify the various bindings in the *Input.ini files (MouseX=) but nothing has worked so far. It seems like these config files are based on the unreal engine so I’ll likely research in that direction.

In the meanwhile if anyone knows how to fix this, I would really appreciate some help.

For anyone else that might stumble on this problem, I fixed the issue by:

  1. uninstalling GOW (but not GFWL)
  2. reinstalling GOW from the original CD
  3. applying only the GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft.exe patch.

Now the game and mouse works fine, though I have not tried inverting the y axis.

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hey Bisonfan95 Could I please have the gears of war pc update TU Patch files please?

Does GfWL even work now? I always got an error at some point where I could no longer access anything through it.

the link is not working

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The link needs reposted

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hey Bisonfan95 Can I please have a copy of gears of war pc gow tu patches ?

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bro pls. just got Gears on PC today and need patch. Game isnt workinng correctly.

Did you get them?

no i didnt get them

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I can’t seem to install this on Windows 10. Is it compatible or not?

Patch #1: Gears of War GAME PATCH patch #1 - download |
Patch #2: Gears of War GAME PATCH patch #1 ENG - download |

Patch #3: Gears of War : Patches, Updates, Addons, Downloads (The Patches Scrolls)
GFWL Redist: Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE - General - PCGamingWiki PCGW Community

Confirmed working for DVD release on Windows 10 21H2

Does anyone know how to log into GFWL inside Gears 1 PC when i tried to do log in it gave me " The profile could no be signed in to Live. There may be a network problem or the Windows Live ID service may not be available.

mind if I get a link cause I would love some help :smiley:

Yo dude! I only just saw this. You need a hand still?

Hello, can you help me start the game?