Gears of War PC (Games for Windows - Live edition) patch

I play this game regularly, the original DVD, and I keep seeing people struggling to get the official donwload link that fixes a bug in the game that wouldn’t let it launch due to expired certificates. It’s hard to get since the website that officially posted is is long gone.

The common error upon trying to start the game is: “cannot run the game with modified executable code”.

You have to run 3 patches to make the game stable. Sadly theres only one official link still working for the third and final patch. I’ll just give you the link to the compiled zip.

The patches are found here (if it expires, PM me):

The install order is:

GearsOfWar_TitleUpdate.exe / GearsTU.exe / GearsPC_TU3_Microsoft.exe

Theres a patch to run the game without the DVD, chose 1.2 [MULTI5] THIS IS NOT NECESSARY and you’ll still need you ORIGINAL CD-KEY to play:


I know you’re trying to help, but that’s not really useful info since the biggest problem with original GoW is not really having the 3rd patch, it’s that W10 doesn’t support it.

Hence why GoW UE was made. Only problem is, GoW UE is only available on the MS Store, where they want $20 for it, yet you can get Gears of War 4 at any reputable key site legally for less than a 4th of that.

I used to use a file edit for original GoW, which I bought way back when it came out and still have the slim DVD box it came in. The edit, which I can’t find anymore, made textures look and load way better, plus it removed the dark PP that muted colors. It also played smoother with that edit.

Original GoW will install on W10, but it’s very broken and most things don’t work right, not even basic res settings and such. MS need to get realistic, it’s been 4 years since GoE UE released, time to lower the price.

If I see GoW UE at half off over the holidays, I very well may get it, but I can’t see paying $20 for a game that doesn’t look a whole lot better than the file edit I used way back when. That’s all Original GoW needs, plus 4K DSR and Nvidia’s new Sharpen feature to compete with UE. I can see the value of UE on console , since it adds gameplay content, but that’s not the case on PC.

What really ticked me off is when MS sent me an email saying they added the Original GoW app on my account after I bought Gears of War 4, fully knowing that Original GoW doesn’t work on W10. :smirk:

Hello! Thats… weird. I’m playing on Windows 10 right now. The UE gives an error on startup and won’t let me play online. I can play the campaign though, I still enjoy playing the original one online and yes, on Windows 10. I don’t know why it is not working for you but I can tell you what I did to get it up and running.

OK, first off, what version of W10 are you on? I’m on build 1903. I know on build 1803 it works fine, but not on 1903. And that’s not just my take but what I’ve seen many say.

BTW, just so you know, I was trying to play it with KB/M. I never use a gamepad.

Managed to get KB/M menu controls and settings working, but it’s impossible to login to GfWL, and without that it won’t retain settings or progress once you quit game. Even if I create a Start Menu shortcut, and add it to the Xbox Companion App’s list of games and launch it from there, same problem. Someone said there’s a workaround by renaming the checkpoints in the game directory, but I’d rather not hassle with that.

The shame is I was also able to get it to look quite decent with a lot of config file tweaks to more than double detail mode, completely remove post processing, bump the anisotropic filtering from 4 to 16, and use 4K DSR, but if I have to play through the whole game in one session, or leave it minimized while my PC is running for days, it’s not really worth it.

I captured a couple clips of how it looks, I’ll edit and upload it tomorrow. Something’s also causing my config tweak to revert back to the post processing enabled, yet it still shows the values I used in the config to disable it.

Well I have W10 up to date. Don’t know if 1903 is beta or something. Add me if you happen to achieve connection! It’s pretty lonely on those parts lol. Even on UE. It is deserted.

Just type Run in search, hit Enter, then winver in the Run box, Enter, and it will show you which version of W10 you’re on if in doubt.

You mind telling me what steps you took to manage to login to GfWL? I’ve besides the above just tried creating an offline profile and logging into Live via that, then switching to the online account as some suggest, but no go. I also have two step verification turned off, so that’s not blocking it.

About the only things I haven’t tried is uninstalling Live, then reinstalling just the latest version of it, or creating a new online account.

After seeing how GoW original looks with the tweaks I mentioned and 4K DSR, with 50% Nvidia sharpen, I’m reluctant to want to buy UE at any price. Reason being they only sell games via UWP anymore, which locks you out of any file edits.

First please tell me what happens when you try to login. At first, in my case, I clicked on sign in to existing profile and upon logging in it loaded forever in the “please wait” part. Then I figured it out. First tell me if you can even open the GFWL client with the home button.

It opens with both F1 and Home, but of course as you know, F1 is for online login, and Home offers an offline login. And yeah, it circles forever with please wait using F1. In fact once it’s trying to login, it freezes if I try to close GfWL. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del, then Sign Out. It won’t even let me bring up Task Manager.

The offline login is pretty pointless since it won’t save progress unless you can manage to login online. And like I said above, I tried to login offline, then switch to my online login, but it still won’t let me login.

So just get to the steps you took if you will. You never said if you verified you’re on 1803 btw. Your last comment on it was unclear, which is why I mentioned checking it.

Exactly what happened to me. I fixed it. Let me know which time you are available. Or you can read my reddit post on the comments sections with someone that had the same issue,

LOL, after reading that reddit post I have to wonder why you said “that’s weird” above, because that sounds like quite a hat trick workaround that few would know of or stumble upon. Let’s suffice it to say GfWL is the most godawful DRM ever created.

Anyway, I copied the main fix it if it doesn’t work part, and saved it to a text file. Hope it works. :crossed_fingers:

Cool, just let me know!

FINALLY, that trick worked like a charm! Thanks bud, I owe you one.

The long and short of it is, I can’t get all the config tweaks I wanted to use to stay intact (not that they were before Live login anyway really), and if I use too many the graphics menu will freeze on me.

Somehow though, using only the most important one, Detail Mode, allows me to crank it up from 2 to 5, and not only stays intact, but lets me adjust any graphics settings. I took some time dialing in both post processing settings and brightness, and it looks pretty close to what I wanted.

The only slight negative seems to be GfWL appeared to have caused a bit of microstutter right after you kill the last of the enemies before heading to the chopper at the end of Ashes. It’s possible I just didn’t notice it before though, so I’m not sure. 4K DSR plus Detail Mode 5 certainly does put more strain on the PC.

I’ve got Ashes captured and edited and in the process of uploading to YouTube, so you can see what it looks like soon. It will be 1440p not 4K though because since I only have a 1080p display, the best I can do is resize to 1440 to take advantage of YT’s much higher bitrate at that res.

(Let me know if you notice a slight microstutter for a couple seconds at 6:35?)

If anyone can tell me how to remove the godawful round, orange subscribe tab in the upper left of videos, I’d appreciate it. It showed up when I switched to YouTube Studio beta because I was sick of seeing the COPPA warnings even after setting my channel to “Not for kids”. After switching back to YT Studio Classic, it’s still there. :roll_eyes:


Some Berserker action.

Glad I could help!! Do you still play multiplayer?

Sorry man, at 61 I’m a bit too old for that anymore. Plus I’m taking pills for HBP lately, so it’s probably best avoided anyway.

Oh I see. If you wanna play co-op though sometime. Send me a message through Xbox Live

I generally play campaigns solo, because I have to feel like I beat it to get any sense of reward.

On the subject of campaigns, there I was getting engrossed in an Insane run last night after having finished my Hardcore game. I was up a bit late trying to remember the tactics I used years ago on the pumping station part where you plant the resonator.

I managed to get a pretty effective method worked out, and then the damn game froze following the cutscene about the resonator not working. As a result, all my checkpoints got wiped out!

So here I am having to go through Chapter 5 on Hardcore again, and all progress I lost on Insane. I have a feeling this is why they put in an un-erasable Chapter 5 checkpoint to start the game with.

I have searched, and so far have found no other way of dealing with this problem. There seems to be no way to do a file edit to unlock Insane mode, and no way to use a downloaded savegame.

In fact, what worries me most, is if that’s true, there’s no way to back up your save either to avoid it happening again. You just have to hope Games for Windows Live doesn’t take a dump on you.

If you happen to know any tricks on the matter, please enlighten me. I was wondering if it being Thanksgiving, or perhaps even having my VPN running on top of it, could have contributed to the chance of it happening.

Let me know if you find it someday

im playing GoW 1 and For troikas in the game they are black pixels, is there a fix for this?

No man, sorry.

UPDATE I uploaded the resources here