...Gears Of War Paintball Tournaments To Watch?

Who joins? only people who are or were in the military and in whatever branch or field, or anyone who passes their branches boot camp.

a harness strapped on everyone that takes in damage and cool down of damage and impact done to the person wearing the harness/helmet that gets all computed and connected to signal a: 1. electric shock, 2. parachute/airbag, 3. shots down the ability tp fire paintball weapon. Just one more after thought: do clogged harnesses play a factor as well?

drone cameras in the sky, on harness and/or in goggles of participants, so spectators, and all watching can get an Arial, 3rd person, and 1st person view.

everyone’s wearing wheelies shoes, or something like that but with springy pegs in place instead, so that everyone can wall bounce, of cover… maybe cover is bouncy as well.

And maybe when you get too close your shotgun’s only work, as a sensor could be attached to you too. But have Guns resemble the sound, look, and damage points of the current gears game, ready to be updated, with each new release. And one more after thought: who can do this? I think the guy online who made the glitter bomb has the credentials and ability

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This sounds like a really elaborate version of laser tag.

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Sounds too elaborate and elitist. Only former or current military? It’s only paintballing, not the Battle Of The Somme.

Well yeah, but people who arent in the military could just pass boot camp or something just to join. I want to make sure the people have good competition, aim, and are fun to watch, as well as incouraging a healthy rivaly, that may or may not already exist… atleast starting out to wait and see if its famous enough to include others