Gears of war official club on xbox

Hello everyone. Think this is my first post…Not sure…been reading for a long time. Got an issue and need some help

Went to post for group looking for 4 players for koth ranked and got those 4 but didn’t know how to get all of us in a game on ranked. Went in to menus then versus, then matchmaking…core then Koth.
Started the game but not with the 4 players that joined my party.

What did I do wrong???

Try again. The system is booty right now and occasionally drops someone from the group. If it happens repeatedly, you’re likely doing something wrong.

Also, make sure you are all in the same “squad” as shown in the Gears 4 lobby before you select the game mode.

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Hey…had the party in the side menu on left, but on my gears menu I was only one there. I thought go to a game and the team shows up…
Negative…was in the game with 4 other randoms and mistakenly left our 4 guys hanging…

So I did something wrong just don’t know what.

You need to have them in the Gears squad list on the upper right in the game (if you’re looking at party chat, that’s irrelevant to the game). When you look for a match they should all be there with you. If you back out of a menu, it’s easy to drop them so make sure that doesn’t happen.


Yes, exactly.

You need to be in the same lobby in-game (Gears-menu screen) to be counted as a squad. The party system doesn’t matter, that’s for Xbox Live and in order for you to chat, regardless of game.

  1. Invite players to your Gears-menu lobby.
  2. Once you have everyone, search for a game.
  3. You should now all be searching based on your selection.

Watcha :wink:

There’s a couple ways to do it but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, here’s my best explanation.

First, add each player in your party to your friends list. This will make it easier.

Within the game there’s a main menu where you have the option to choose campaign, versus, customization, war journal, etc., right?

On that screen, at the upper right is a box that says “invite player”. You can select that and then follow the prompts…you will have to invite each player one at a time.

Another way is you can open up your friends list and then select each friend one at a time. Under the sub menu for any given friend there’s an option to invite to your game. Select that.

Hope this helps. You can practice with my GT if you want.

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Lol this made my day. Thanks :rofl:

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I’m glad my inability at age 42 to not be able to figure out to just invite the list of players on the left side screen puts a smile on someone’s face.
:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy: hahaha…