Gears of War newcommer

Right so as an action game fan Iam very much consider to get into this franchise. I guess it would make most sense to start with the Ultimate edition. If you want to play co-op is there many matches available these days? Also is there something specific that I should know about before I start playing the first game?


First off, welcome to the franchise.

Secondly, Gears of War Ultimate Edition has a very small active userbase. You’ll have better luck finding a Co-Op partner by using the “Looking For Group” function on Xbox. Or you could ask for a co-op partner here on the forums. The community here tends to be very helpful when it comes to giving each other a hand for achievements.

Thirdly, what you should expect out of Gears UE if you haven’t played a gears title before is that it’s a bit clunky movement wise. The game becomes more fast paced in later titles but it’ll take some time getting used to the movement.


Gears 4 is also good to jump into Multiplayer.

Bless your Gnasher

Welcome to Gears! We’re excited to have a new player join the ranks!

My recommendation is that you try the franchise in release order, and Gears Ultimate Edition is a great entry point. While it may feel a little dated, that first title is the one that has set the standard for third-person cover shooters, and no series has been able to quite match it, IMO.

Enjoy the ride as you watch the series develop and grow with each campaign. If you jump into PVP, you’ll find the rhythms of gameplay very different than what you will experience in the campaign.

I would also say enjoy each game on it’s own merits, dive into the PVE modes as you get further into the series, and just remember to have fun! The world of Gears is gloomy and gritty, but also full of camraderie and hope.

Take cover!


Welcome Gear! You are about to embark on a fantastic journey. Just remember to love Sam and above all else Bow to your Queen

@GB6_Kazuya will tell you all about our beloved leader.

Locust Forever


In this house we love Baird above all else!


Sam loves Baird, so I will allow…just this once

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You will allow nothing! Except Baird into your heart

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I think we may have scared the new guy away

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Welcome! When requesting a co-op partner, make sure to specify if you want to avoid spoilers or not. You should also request someone who lets you play at your own pace. It might be more fun to play with a fellow newcomer.

It’s a small community, multiplayer-wise, but there’s always someone willing to play Campaign or Horde mode. I’d play with you, but my internet connection is horrific.

Definitely recommend playing through the games in order. Each campaign builds well upon the next. If you get to Gears Judgement and don’t like it, the “Aftermath” campaign is Gears 3 cut-content… But you have to unlock “Aftermath” by earning stars in the main Judgement campaign.

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If you play Gears 5 Horde. Play Blademaster.

Oh I think you covered it quite well, mate.

But surely Mr Sugar here has the common sense to see through the lies of the villainous COG and pledge his allegiance to the true protagonist of the series, Queen Myrrah. Ardently devoted to her subjects, she is the only one capable of leading the Locust Horde to the rightful place as the dominant species on Sera.

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Oh thanks very much for the warm welcome appreciate it very much… I promise to report from the frontline when I begin to play the game in a month or so maybe (I want first to complete the game I’m playing at the moment). Hope you guys are still around then. I can also mention that an important reason why I’m interested in Gears of War is because I don’t think there are that many third person action games available on modern platforms. Most popular games being open world rpgs and COD… Aside from that, to begin playing Gears will probably be a way for me to ease in on the Xbox console. Having been playing mostly on Playstation for a while.

Does the Ultimate edition btw include remasters of all three games or just the first one?


welcome to the franchise!, i hope you enjoy your way through the games while you slowly begin to love this saga as much as many here, with pros and cons, feel free to ask anything or doubt you have here in the forums, surely someone will always be there here to answer, we are like some kind of family that even though it can be a bit dysfunctional at times, for the most part the people at least here are pretty friendly and won’t ignore you

Ultimate Edition is the remastering of only the first game, the second and third installments currently have no remasters, so the only available versions of both are those for Xbox 360 (although they are in gamepass and are compatible with one), hmmm ye, 2 looks a bit old… but don’t be discouraged by that, it’s a great game on its own, one of the best in the franchise in the opinion of many

If you plan on playing the entire series, some tips I have to offer are:

• if you want to grind all the achievements and beat the game to the max then do it, it’s quite fun and satisfying to do, though ummm… don’t get too attached to your gears 3 progress hehe

• if you play the titles in order of release, after you pass 3 you will eventually get to judgment, and judgment is… a bit different, i won’t go into too many details, maybe you may have some mixed feelings but give it a chance, despite the small details that you can have is a delivery that is quite worth it

• I can say the same about Tactics, this is an installment with totally different gameplay, it’s a spin off that takes Gears to a different genre, many didn’t try it for that very reason, and it’s understandable, it’s quite different, but if the game style is to your liking I highly recommend trying it, it’s fun

And well, enjoy your stay in the saga


Kaz, we have a guest. Save the indoctrination for later. When he’s comfortable

Well that’s not a realistic statement. This place isn’t exactly the pinnacle of comfort.

Anyway, he’s unworthy since he completely ignored my reply. For this reason I hereby lay a curse on the heretic for his utter disobedience and wish him the upmost pain in all future Gears of War endeavours.


@Secreto_Dezimo has given a great run down of the original games. I play Gears 3 several times a week and more than any other Gears, it looks stunning still! J is also a looker, gameplay is different however.

Are you a pvp or pve player ? (if multiplayer at all) we are very spoilt with several excellent modes to choose from.

There is still a healthy online community for all games, depending on your location and the mode you enjoy. UE and J are possibly the hardest to find players in, but you can always post in the looking for option on your Xbox.

If you like pve, Horde 2.0, Escape and Beast are all excellent modes.

For pvp if like me you are “average” then go for objective game modes like KOTH,Control,Blitz you can feel you are helping the team even if not a “slayer” one thing…don’t quit Ranked, it is very frustrating :wink:

Speaking of Xbox it has for more social and share options than PS. I have both latest consoles (&have had all of them) and Xbox is far more UI friendly.

Above all have fun, there is nothing like “our” game, “our” Gears.

Locust Forever.

Can’t argue with that.

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We’ll still be here if you’re here… Some of us have been on the forums for 10+ years. There’s deep community lore full of shame and fame. Don’t drink the water.

Back in my dayyyyyy it was the Epic Games Forums! I met my mentor there. He’s now a published author who teaches other teachers how to accelerate learning for children with learning disabilities. And to think, we met because he wrote the first Gears of War fanfiction.


Welcome to Gears. Remember: you’re here forever.