Gears of war netflix movie and animated series confirmed

Which makes her a very wise Leader indeed.

Oh they’d easily all fail miserably and the Queen knew this.
No matter what was said on TV, the humans would instantly fear the “monsters” living below them, it would inevitably lead to panic and thus action.
Those providing the “aid” would inevitably turn into an investigation which would in turn again lead to panic as they would see the size of the Horde.
With no concrete proof of New Hope, this may not sway many people. Yes she has the entire Locust Horde, but she couldn’t prove the humans were responsible. Unless she returned to New Hope, which would require some light digging through a thin layer of ice.

Might’ve, from a point of view, but highly unlikely and simply not worth the sacrifice of the element of surprise. She did the decent thing in giving Adam the opportunity when she could’ve just had him killed and invaded the surface much sooner.

A rightful authoritarian. They are her children after all. Exceedingly arrogant?! How dare you speak of our glorious Queen like that! HERESY. She demands respect as she is responsible for the very existence of the Horde. It’s entirely justified.
Prescott is definitely much worse but he’s a much inferior leader and he also abandoned his kind as their most desperate hour.
I also wouldn’t say the Queen has delusions of grandeur. She is simply focused on the survival of her species and very much aware of their deserved spot as the dominant species.

I obviously do agree with this though.

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Counterfactual Thinking is fun and all, you can see I played with it above, but there’s no reason to be so dead-set certain.

After all, who did most of the people of Sera hate? The UIR and COG governments, especially the COG by the looks of it. Especially once the COG got the Hammer of Dawn and used it to cut ships in half. We saw in the comics that hundreds of millions if not billions of humans were starving in the “lesser” nations, or enslaved as satellite states by one world power or the other. Imagine if Myrrah put COG brands on Locust spies, then had them slash the brands with knives or claw them partially off. Send those spies to the desperate people with offerings of rockworm meat, exaggerate the truth of the Locust origins, then assassinate a few local COG officials to get the COG to unfairly stomp down on the poor locals… Then arm the locals and turn them over to worshipping the Queen who brings them bread and meat.

All of this across a dozen nations, and then human spies and Locust saboteurs are sent to destabilize the COG in all nations around Tyrus. Leave Tyrus alone for awhile. Eventually some Locust would be discovered, but the propaganda war would be underway. Humans would be left dehumanizing humans again, while the Locust remained mostly a boogeyman… And THEN, with the COG distracted and killing off its allies using the Hammer, the Locust emerge all at once with overwhelming force and attack the Jacinto Plateau above Nexus.

Might work. Might fail. Inb4 the first season of the show does this badly and ruins it by making audiences think the Locust are weak.

She named herself Queen, made thrones, and treated Berserkers crap instead of attempting to develop them into thinking leaders in their own right. The chain-gang-reproduction thing might’ve been Prescott’s propaganda that Hoffman believed, we can’t be too sure… But we also can’t be sure Berserkers are naturally blind and dumb, since we’ve never seen one that was raised outside captivity. That’s material the show needs to handle one way or the other, and cunningly, or the Locust will just be a cardboard cutout of a culture.

Anyway, Myrrah’s elaborate living-organism dress and thrones are cool and all, but one of the best parts of “The Slab” book was Adam reflecting on how self-obsessed she is with her own myth.

The counter to that would be “Maybe Myrrah tried to teach others to lead, and didn’t want to be called Queen, but her subjects demanded it?” In which case I’d argue, “Sure, and yet she’s so tightly controlling and distrusting of her own High Council in RISE OF RAAM.” Which circles back to the imperfect human nature of the Locust, and the themes of the series.


You do make interesting reads, I must admit :joy:.

Ambitious, but I like it.

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You know what would be cool to see in the future, a dlc where you play as myrrah trying to escape the mount kadar lab with the locust😲

Trying?! She escaped with relative ease. It was a massacre. With that said, yes it’d definitely be great to see.

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Thqt would be a lot more interesting, actually.
We all know the Netflix projects will be awful.

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I have this same thought when it comes to the Warhammer 40k show that Henry Cavil is doing for Amazon.

Gears and Warhammer are both so high intensity and superficial I don’t know how you’d do it without coming from a mostly CG view like with Warcraft or Avatar. Either that or a massive and talented props team to make full Gears armor, weapons, vehicles and everything. It’s not the same as TLOU where you can use real-world elements, because for all purposes, Gears is 100% fantasy.

I think it might be the same issue as the Halo show where it’s super scifi… and then there’s a silverado and some Ak-47s in the background because it’s hard to make all original vehicles and set work for such a surreal environment without a massive budget. Hopefully being a movie and not a show like Halo will make it not so bad.

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I keep forgetting it’s a movie, and assuming it’s a show, because of how bad it’s likely to be.

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I’m just watching this right now. Just finished episode 4. In some ways it’s fine. But I guess the problem is always going to be this concept of a “silver timeline” where this story doesn’t fit with the established canon, and I guess this is what fans dislike about it?

I think it would have worked better if the main character wasn’t John. His presentation in the series is very un-John-like - even if this is supposed to take place before the fall of Reach and thus features a younger John.

I like the themes it covers though, which the later games have only touched upon much more briefly - the whole thing about Spartans being more machine than human; and what makes humans human? And the ironic undertones of Halsey basically being more machine-like in her approach than even Spartans. Having said that, as far as sci-fi is concerned it’s hardly a new idea and it goes back a long time. I’m sure there’s earlier examples, but “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” (which obviously was the source material for “Bladerunner”) is one of the earlier ones which springs to mind.

Aesthetically it recreates the Halo universe pretty well though. But style over substance alone was never going to please the fans.

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Hm. I get what you’re saying but I’ve just heard too many bad things about it to be bothered to give it a go.

Agreed 100%. It’d have obviously gave the writers much more freedom while not annoying the fans as much by changing the main characters personality drastically.

Maybe Gears will be different. Just look at The Last Of Us. It’s certainly possible to do well whilst sticking to the source material.


With “silver timelines”, I just wanted to clarify that this in itself isn’t necessarily a problem. Lots of franchises do this - there are tons of different series’ for say Batman, Transformers, Sherlock Holmes etc etc (I was going to mention Doctor Who and Terminator but decided not to as they deal with time travel so silver timelines can legit be a part of the main canon in a way through branching timelines and undoing events by time travelling) which tells and retells the same stories but differently.

As you say, it’s about being faithful to the source material and understanding what is important to the fans and therefore should not be changed. With Halo it felt like too many changes were made to relatively small things which didn’t need to be changed; or too many references to the gold timeline but without the payoff (in which case why not just create a new thing altogether?). I mean, using Transformers as an example while different series’ tell different stories Optimus Prime’s character doesn’t deviate too much from what I’ve seen.

It’s still early for me yet (just finished episode 5) but the biggest issue for me was Kai suddenly deciding to remove her inhibitor chip just because she saw John do it. With John at least it’s motivated by the visions caused by the Keystone (but even then I have some massive qualms about this). As a contrast Vannak is much more robotic, presumably because of the chip. It (the function of the inhibitor chips) just feels very inconsistent in how they work on Spartans. I think overall it pushes certain elements a bit too far for the sake of drama.

I’m keeping an open mind to it though. I generally don’t mind and actually quite like silver timelines where stories are (re)told differently. Its not a new concept and has been done for lots of series’ in the past. Artistically it’s just nice to see new ideas. Culture is not static and moves and evolves over time. So far I do feel that some of the criticism has been over-the-top. But maybe the last 4 episodes goes really downhill and I’ll end up hating it too. :wink:

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The problem isn’t that it’s a “silver timeline.” The problem is that the show blows its wad early and destroys everything about Master Chief that made him compelling.

There are also multiple instances where characters take hold of the dreaded Idiot Ball, sometimes without consequence. For example, the Spartans stumbling into rock-throwing distance of a Phantom, which doesn’t manage to harm them.

Lots of the cast and crew clearly had passion. The CGI and fight choreographers did excellent work. The costume and prop designers did excellent work (though using a modern pickup truck and an AK-47 was lazy). At the end of the day, though, the writers bungled it in many ways. Front-loading payoffs without necessary setup is a major mistake. Some of the directors compounded the mistakes.

Yes, I touch on these things.

I’d say many of the problems stem from the “silver timeline”. “Silver timeline” could include character personalities - it’s basically any deviation from the existing canon. That’s why I suggested that it may have been a better idea to feature a new original character as the lead, because the way John is presented is very unlike how he’s portrayed in the the existing canon.