Gears Of War Needs 1 Tuning

Gears Of War needs Common sense Gears Of War needs 1 tuning… Video link below that every true Gears fan should watch.


Great video. I Really hope TC listens to their fans on this one because it’s a very important aspect to ranked and competitive gears.

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They ■■■■■■ up by calling them core and comp it should be kills for all and kills for the competent.


That video sums it up very well, comp alows good players to push or outplay someone who got the jump on them, core is a lot more first to shoot wins and also allows the shutting out of movement far too easily


Gears needs a different tuning per playlist.

We need loads.

I suggest advance tuning for TDM. Make all 3 starters do basically 0 damage and all power weapons do 5x more damage so all initials take 5mins max. Oh and make sure to give the playlist horde movement to make it fair.

Thanks for joining me in deep-thought on Gears Of War guys. About 10 minutes ago I was watching a stream that talks about Gears 4 Called “On The Flank” (I’m sure many of you know it) These guys are professional Esports casters so they know competitive gaming very well I asked what they think about the different tunings and they basically said they don’t think it should even exist in Gears. Let us continue these discussions friends if you have informative videos or stories to share please do so

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Yes one tuning, which would be core


What brings money in after 2 years release? Core tuning or eSports-Tuning?
Not more to say.

Both tunings should be scrapped neither one is better than the other.

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Many others and I have said this over this games lifetime:

Merge the tunings into 1 singular universal tuning and apply it to everything(campaign, horde, mp).

Changing/tweaking things is going to happen but it shouldn’t ever by so segmented as to carry 3 separate tunings(core,comp, comp2.x)

Focus on the real issues that plague this game; quit vs disconnect detection, ban/penalty enforcement, mp hit registration, mp matchmaking algorithm, lack of horde map voting, heck not having a mp lobby was considered alright in favor of multiple tunings. Wtf tc

Universal tuning is the only way forward and this needs to be recognized by the dev or gears will continue to flounder as it has for the last 18 months


I love your GT, WE NEED @UniversalTuning .

It was so dumb in the first place and now that people have adapted to it ,it could be quite hard to make it one and people will complain either way but I will still adapt to that one specific tuning and everyone will give feedback so that we get the best universal tuning.

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I really wish TC would have sat down with the Gears community and talked about splitting the game in 2 with these tunings before Gears 4 was released because I’m certain there are many thoughtful individuals that would have seen the consequences a few years down the road and said hey maybe this isn’t a good idea.

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they just tried to appeal to the esports scene because that’s where they get the most money from. But the majority of players don’t play esports(or even GB) and stay on core. I heard social is the most played mode

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Yeah I actually remember reading a post by TC Octus I believe forgive me if I’m mistaken where he said that Esports and the money made from Esports is not their primary focus and I recall thinking to myself while reading this how interesting this claim to not care about Esports is considering the fact they divided the entire game in half specifically for Esports.

They focus on where the majority of players are.

That’s on Xbox and Core Playlists.

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that’s what they tell you

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I’m very curious what the actual numbers look like. How many players are actively play Core how many are playing competitive and how many are actually switching between tunings and consistently playing them? I have a rough idea from my own experience and shared experiences but at the end of the day Gears 4 comes off as a Esports focused game not one focused on community

The problem with Comp Tuning is that it’s offered in two modes that aren’t that popular in the EU.

You used to be able to get games in Escalation but now it’s pretty much deserted from my experience when trying to search in that mode.

So naturally it looks like players are in TDM and KOTH - both Core.

I never thought I’d say this @mike_yaworski but Comp Tuning has definitely grown on me and it’s a shame I can’t play it more as it’s dead in the EU.

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I see the positive in each tuning but I also see the negative. I’ve been observing the Gears Of War community for a while now and from what I’ve seen we all really just want to be playing the same game even those who don’t know it yet. Thanks for joining me guys I know I sound like a broken record talking about tunings every chance I get but I want to see Gears be successful