Gears of war movie info

Nothing to do with gears 5 but what’s going on with the gears movie I was so exited at the prospect of it but now all info I can find is its either not guna happen or netflix might be involved. Please don’t let netflix get involved it will suck sooo much. If anyone has any legit backed up info be appreciated you sharing it. Hope it’s not another splinter cell situation got announced at end of chaos theory like 10 years ago still waiting. :pensive:

The movie has been passed through a few studios since Gears 1 when if I remember correctly Loinsgate was the studio behind it. I haven’t heard anything about it going to Netflix. Last I heard was Universal is pushing forward with it. But it’s still in the early stages so theres really not a lot of info yet

And from what I’ve seen on it, don’t expect it to be anything like the game… Would probably expect maybe cameo’s from a lot of the characters we know and love…