Gears of War movie finds a new writer

Shane Salerno (Avatar movies) has been replaced by F. Scott Frazier (xXx: Return of Xander Cage)

Don’t know what I should think about it, since I didn’t like that latest xXx movie…
But it’s about time they start to move on with this project. It was announced in 2016. Here we are, 2 years later. And there still writing the story…


They’ve been talking about this for yeeeeeeaaaars…
I really hope it happens as it will be easier to find matches if the franchise blows up and I might not have to fight against team 120 Ping in every match.


Doubtful that the movie will have an impact, Gears just can’t draw people in like it used to. The movie will most likely be bad,


Yep, they’ve really missed the mark here.

What ever your thoughts are on the current state of the franchise is, the hard truth is that Gears hit its peak long ago - when it would have made more sense to pursue a feature film. It doesn’t have the same staying power in the minds of general consumers as it used to, and this sort of change doesn’t bolster the film’s chances.

The Gears film’s trip through development hell continues…

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Jesus, there was more than one xXx film? Who in their right mind would of signed off on that haha but seriously we know what type of film this will be, let’s just hope it doesn’t dethrone Alone in the Dark for worst game/film adaptation

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I hope it stars a young Vin Diesel.

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They better hurry up, Carolyn Seymour is aging!

Charlize Theron (Ha!) would be the next in line to play the Queen.

It’s difficult to condense 8-12hours of game campaign down to a 90 min movie and get it right.

The problem is if it’s a single movie in the works they are going to attempt to cram in 60hours of campaignS down into a single movie.

In a Hollywood attempt to appease fans they’ll drop in at least a mention of every single character so there will be 10-15seconds of character development for audiences who know nothing about the games (the vast majority), so you end up with a steaming pile of Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

The other issue is that the majority of Gears 1’s environment (Kryll) was ripped straight from Pitch Black so they’ll be dealing with that movie studio’s legal team as well.

In short they should avoid making a movie; General Audiences and Hardcore Fans will both hate the end result.

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Agreed the only way it could work would be if they zero in on once specific area, sort of how they handled the Warcraft movie, which yeah wasn’t all that good from a long time player of WoW pov but it was watchable.

What happened to Karen Traviss anyways she did a great job sculpting the world in the GoW books, shame she’s not writing it.