Gears of war Mexico city open 2019

Hi everyone. As we know, the next tourney is in Ohio, in November. Im dying to know when is the Mexico city open, i know its on February but i need to know the exact days so i can get hotel/flight asap hope to see some of you there😀

I was under the impression that the Ohio event is a charity tournament and is not part of the usual series of tournaments.

The eSports schedule on the Gears site says that the Mexico tournament is still in “fall/winter 2018” so maybe early December?

Hi, yes and no. Yes, the tourney in Ohio is for charity. The one in mexico, is February, it says it on the gow news. Im just being very inpatient, they will probably announce the date on November(at Ohio )

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The fact that it’s in Columbus reminded me of this…

Omfg, thank you! I just need to know where so i can book hotel, im just going for Saturday n sunday… im sooo looking forward to it!!!