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Gears of War Judgment!

Just played through Gears 3 and Judgment in 4 player coop (2 of us had never played gears before). While Gears 3 was pretty fun overall, the middle segment was a bit tiring for most of us. Especially because of the limited colour palette in these sections, which is pretty unpleasent to look at nowadays. After finishing that Game we agreed to try Judgment. I’ve played that one time at release with my brother and remembering we had a good time, but 8 years later I couldn’t remember much of it and all opinions you can find online are average at best. To our surprise we had such a blast playing this game! It is such a big step up from the Gears 3 in pretty much every regard and I have to give my respect to the guys at people can fly. This game is amazing!. The graphics are beautiful, with extremely nice and open enviroments and great colours. The gameplay feels more in line with Gears 4 and 5 than 3, everything just feels right. But on top of great controls you have these insane combat scenarios, which are just over-the-top even for gears standards. ombine that with the optional modifiers in each section and you have a crazy cocktail of pure fun and replayability. All 4 of us we’re screaming and laughing of joy by playing this game yesterday. I also like that every time you retry a section, different enemies spawn which keeps every encounter fresh and unpredictable, Also the story is presented in a very unique and cool way which lets you follow the action much more easily through the different narrators and it works perfectly here, Baird, Cole, Paduk all doing fantastic performances in this game. The music is powerful as well and keeps you moving through these intense action sequences. Overall its such a great experience which I hadn’t remembered so fondly and I highly recommend playing this with friends. I wish they would update Judgment with a 4k patch, like they did for 2 and 3. Other than that it feels as modern as Gears 5 today. Also there are a lot of fun weapons like the customized markza in this game, which I hope make a return in the next gears.


The story mode was great. My only problem with judgment are the controls (weapon switch and grenades) and the lack of a real horde mode.
Im not a great pvp player so i mainly played the story with friends and we had alot of fun.

I really miss the booshka and the breechshot.


Yeah the breechshot has such a great sound to it, so powerful and the execution with this weapon is just insane. I really want a Judgment 2 now!!!

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The campaign was a good time, but I too didn’t like the controls very much.

I kinda wish Arcade Campaign was a seperate thing like Gears 3 but it wasn’t that big a deal.

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