Gears of war Judgment: Survival and Overrun

Morning Gears
Just wanted to see if J’s Survival mode and Overrun have any love on the forum, maybe get a team or two together and hopefully to sing their praises to new Gears, who would have never played Judgement due to 90% of Gearheads not even accepting it as a Gears game :wink:

Brief information on mode
Survival is a co-op mode where five players face ten waves of Locust enemies. Technically, it is it’s own game mode outside of Versus, but it bares a lot of similarities with other areas, especially the Versus game mode, Overrun.

Each wave will have a set number and wide variety of Locust to take on as you defend the objective. Every map will have two Emergence Holes and one Generator to protect. If the first E-Hole is destroyed, players will automatically move to the second. If the second E-Hole is destroyed, players will automatically move to the Generator. If the Generator is destroyed, the game will end. Survive through all ten waves to win the game.

A normal Ranked match will always be set to the Hardcore difficulty. Private games are also available between friends or bots on one of four difficulty levels: Casual, Normal, Hardcore, or Insane.

On to Overrun, in what has to be the prelude to Horde 3.0, what with classes:

Overrun is a mode in Gears of War Judgment. It is basically a 5 vs 5 Multiplayer version of the Co-Op Survival mode, and very similar to Beast Mode from Gears of War 3.

One team plays as COG Soldiers, and the other team plays as the Locust Horde. The COG Soldiers must defend three objectives, and the Locust Horde must destroy them within the six minute time limit (may change between 6:30 and 5:30).

The three objectives are two Emergence Holes and a Generator. Each objective is located in its own section of the map. When one is destroyed, COG players automatically move to the next area, and the Emergence Hole will be the new spawn point of the Locust Horde. The six minute time limit will also reset, giving Locust players more time to destroy the next objective.

If both teams win a round, the team that destroyed all three objectives the fastest, will be the winners. There’s also the Mercy Rule : If the second attacking team beats the first attacking team’s score, the game ends.

… I do not think these modes get the love they deserve and are excellent fun, they were two things J got right. It did get a lot wrong of course as well!

Special shout out to Breakthrough, I would love 2.0 of that as well, highly unlikely but who knows.

Any thoughts/view

Locust Forever


I love overrun and survival, I’m always down


I love OVERRUN but don’t like playing Survival. I’m more into playing against real players not bots. I think if OVERRUN had more maps it would’ve not been a failure. Anyways it’s a great mode to play, very tactical and strategically competitive.

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Hi Gears
Rather than start a new thread, I thought I would ask here.

I know hardly anyone plays J but if you have been recently are you able to find matches at the moment ?

The last 2 days the lobby is just searching and searching, no matter the playlist.

As you probably know, much like Gears 3 and 2, if you can’t find players the match starts you against 9 bots, who then get replaced once/if human players join. join
Never been an issue before but as I say last two days can get any mode to start!

Any ideas ?

Locust Forever.