Gears of War In RL? (Rocket League)

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 12.19.52 PM So when I was playing Rocket League I found the Gears of War Armadillo from Gears of War (2015). This got me to wonder, “Why is this in RL?”. This could be a specail car to celebrate RL coming to XBOX, cause the Hog(something) from halo is also there! This could also be a collabe Like “TC x RL”. This is pretty cool for a game like Gears, to be place in Rocket League. BTW, if you like Rocket League and you don’t have Live Gold, Go to Exibitation and place these specific settings in.

Utopia Collisium [Snowy] > Rumble > Bot Mode: Allstars

Its really fun to play and I hope you like it. It makes me feel good about myself, and when I feel sad I play on that mode and it makes me happy. Same with Gears. I hope you liked this forum and I’ll see your comments in the next one! Cya!

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Been in Rocket League for quite some time already

Ah yes I ran this all the time playing RL. I believe it was cross promotion with the warthog as well


I know, I found it the first time I play Rocket League. March (Something) 2019, I forgot th day.

This. They are unlocked by having a save in either game.

I don’t think thats it, I had both the HogSticker and Armadillo, and I never played Halo before! So I don’t think thats how you get them.

I had them the first time I played it. I was told that’s why. I guess I don’t know for sure.

Yeah, guess they get placed in your inventory if you play on Xbox

Pretty sure its a console thing

I plyed on ps4 and was able to use sweet tooth ice cream truck.

Not sure about the switch though

Yeah, it’s probably for playing on the one console. Imagine the Switch having a Zelda car! I think they have a Mario car for just the switch.

My daughter has them on xbox but can’t use them on the switch. The rest of her dlc carries over.

They do.


Yea, that’s been in there for years now. Same with the halo warthog.

Like I said, I knew that.

Well… if I’m being totally honest… the way you wrote your post… you made it sound like you just discovered those vehicles in RL and were excited to talk about it. The way you explain what mode to play on which map (on a game that’s kind of old now & anyone who’s played it def doesn’t need pointers like that) makes it sound like you’re new to RL and you’re excited to let ppl know about it, like it’s some hidden secret. The whole post just made you sound like you just discovered all these things in a game that’s almost 6 years old, so really, talking about it at this point in time is waaaay past the point.

Those vehicles have been in RL for a bunch of years… even long before epic took over the game and re-did the whole thing… so usually when ppl discover things like this, they don’t sit on that idea/info for over a year (I say a year, since you’ve been a forum member since may 2019 and that would’ve been the earliest you’d talk about it), they talk about it as soon as they find that info out. Again, that’s why it sounds like you just discovered them.

I was merely stating that both vehicles have been in RL for years now… anyone who’s played the game definitely spotted them long ago… which is why it seems like you just found them cause it’s very old news. I wasn’t being rude towards you… was just letting you know.

I wouldn’t say “excited”, but in the post I did make it look like I just found them. I found them a year ago though in March 2019.

Also, I downloaded Gears near January and join Forums in may btw.