Gears of War Horde Cringe

I get what you’re saying. I just think that it’s a little misinformed.

So with the fabricater, I have a general rule. I will always let the engineer place the fab. And the reason is that the engi is gonna be the one who has to deal with the actual location, and thus decide where the fortifications should be placed. Sometimes I will place the fab if the engi doesn’t want to. Which is fine. There is no one good place to put it (or, in the case of Blood Drive, there IS no good place lol)
I honestly love wall bouncing, and it has actually helped a good deal in horde. I have found that you take far less damage. I couldn’t care less about impressing anyone. And is someone is impressed by wall bouncing, they should learn how. It’s honestly not that difficult.
So in the case of a downed teammate, sometimes the best strategy is not to get them right away. If they foolhardily ran into a mess of Swarm, then you would almost certainly die, and then you would just put your entire team at a disadvantage. So it is actually best sometimes to just wait till the area is clear, and then go and revive/pick up their tags.

Your post was well written and thought out. I just disagreed with some of it :grin: