Gears of War Horde Cringe

Every time a horde match starts everyone rushes to the fabricator only to start looking at the ground, start wall bouncing or walking in circles. Stop being so unsure of yourself, you know the best place for the fabricator, don’t pretend like you don’t. Step up and assert your dominance and place that fabricator. If someone puts it in a stupid place then pistol whip them and put it where it belongs.

If you jam your weapon don’t jump around or go around a corner to hide it, own up to it. Everyone jams their weapon, even the best. No one will think less of you unless their the biggest jerk in the world.

Stop wall bouncing in horde mode, your not impressing anyone, even the AI think you look like an idiot and their not even programmed to think that.

Don’t pretend like your an expert at perfect reloads with the snub nose, no one will believe you.

Help your teammates whenever you see them downed, no matter what. Even if you think you’ll get downed trying to help them, you should still try. Only the biggest jerk in the world would be mad because you tried to help them up. Anyone who gets downed knows the only thing their thinking is, “Why the fu** is no one helping me up?!”

If your using the overkill, stop aiming with it, it’s a freaking overkill it’s nearly impossible not to hit your enemy with a shot. Learn to hip fire 100% of the time and you’ll master the overkill before you know it.

Stop hording the power if your a scout. I know a lot of average players just want to get mvp for at least one wave by distributing the most power but there’s also a chance you’ll die and I’ll steal all your power, ahahaha!

If you find that your terrible at horde mode just stick to the best player like a leach, people do that to me all the time and I defend them like their my mother!

Lastly remember getting the most kills, mvps, or power doesn’t make you the best player, rather being the most selfless teammate makes you the best. Only the biggest jerk in the world would disagree.

Have you ever played inconceivable?


you’re* and they’re*

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You have a lot of spelling errors in your posts.

It’s not a spelling error, it’s grammatical, and anyways, it’s intentional.

Yes you have many grammar errors.

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game of horde where only the engineer & whoever besides the scout were alive not know where to put the fabricator at the start

Maybe when this game was first released I missed out on that experience but I was only a month late & everybody seemed pretty experienced with placement.

For revives, there’s so many chances where you literally can’t just run out to res somebody, especially on incon, which is why I run group revive on heavy

Also as for the scout thing, you can walk up to their tags without grabbing the dropped power pretty easily so the bonus isn’t wasted.

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I’m a 13 year old girl so I don’t really care about grammar and don’t say I’m too young for this game, I play with gore off and profanity filter on. With gore off sparks shoot out of the enemies when you shoot them, it’s like power rangers.

You can never be too young for M rated games, gore isn’t even that bad…

You make some very good points. Thanks for making me look like an idiot :slight_smile:

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It’s not that i don’t understand OP’s point or that i think this thread is utterly useless…it’s more of both those things combined


Because if I play Sniper/Heavy/Soldier, I wait for the Engineer or Scout to decide where the Fab goes

LMAO what? I actually have no idea what this is talking about.

No one is trying to impress you


This is the most incorrect thing I’ve ever seen

True, but I don’t think the reasoning is for an MVP medal


this sounds like a troll

best line ever :smiley:


I’m not trolling I swear. This post is mother approved .

Not everyone runs to the Fabricator.
Some people might commit suicide to drop Power for Scout to collect, especially Heavy and Soldier.
Sniper may trade with Heavy to suicide as well.
If I was ever wallbouncing, it’d probably be because I’m bored or practicing movement in a certain spot on the Map or waiting for something like the in-between Wave countdown.
The thing is, there’s no right or wrong Fab positions.
Some people will want it somewhere, other people might want it somewhere else.
How do both parties decide?
There are common spots that are very easy, there are opposite side of Map and even difficult places to place Fabricator.
Some people like experiment around with unfamiliar positions which may not necessarily be the best position unless have a strong team and have right fortifications.
Usually, it’s the Engineer that places the Fab somewhere.
Sometimes, people will have an argument about where to place and this could lead to a tug of war and maybe quitting.

Wait till you see a Scout roadie strafing around a bot.
I’ve been told that looks really stupid.
But it proves very effective when the bots cannot face me and Dodge comes into effect.

You people take everything too seriously. I was being sarcastic with everything I said.

Overkill has a pretty good range compared to Gnasher.
If playing safely and from range, hard aiming is important to align and tighten the shots spread.
Not all shots have to be point blank which is when it’s fine to hip fire.
If you shoot a wall by aiming and try again by hip fire, which has tighter, smaller shot spread?

Nice bait lol