Gears of war has lost its IDENTITY and inturn PLAYERBASE!

Gears 5 is soo far gone its completely lost what made gears of war such a great franchise .

The horror aspect has completely gone from the franchise ,
.im sure most can agree when we saw GENERAL RAAM pick up KIM and stab him can say “best scene in gears history” but now you have RAAM saying “THANK YOU” and doing a thumbs up or stupid dance at the end of the game like WTF!

Everything has been dumbed down from the blood which is bright red and cartoony instead of crimson like in the older games (gears 1) to the characters which No one cares about ,keegan !? the stupid characters like that Welsh or Scottish dude(forgot his name) lol seriously !

The maps are absolutely trash and make maps like rooftops , and stasis look good . The originality and map design has completely dissapered from this gears.

Dont even get me started on the weapon tuning they decided to go for (cough core) “saying they were gonna make a middle ground between core and competitive from 4 , yeh right”

Epic made something great but slowly wanted it to be cod or halo and Now TC ake over and its getting even worse.

No one on my friends list is playing it due to the reasons stated above . We dont want a FORTNITE OR CALL OF DUTY we want GEARS OF WAR . When will TC realise this!


I think a lot of that could be attributed to Cliff Bleszinski’s influence when he was part of the series and working at epic. Cliff always stressed the grittiness as his vision for the game. Rod Fergusson was also involved at the time and is involved in this game as well so I am not sure why things are the way they are.


Thats fair. There has definitely been changes and i might add to agree to the OP that in my eyes, it has kinda lost its way. Im all in for creative freedom and things growing from what they originally once were. However this truly feels like a reskin of some past work, while simultaneously pushing in a direction to be “esport” ready. Honestly people came to gears because of how badass you could be, how much gore you could get out of curbstomping opponents, and how much satisfaction you could get from chainsawing your friends.
At least thats what young Gears 1 me was into lol


I have to respectfully disagree. While I’ll admit the campaign isn’t at the same level story wise with the Original 3, it’s a significant improvement to 4 in both story structure and script. The horror element is still there (the part when we see the flock and rejects for the first time, it even has a scene similar to Gears 1 when they need to turn on the lights and when they do they see a bunch of dead bloody bodies). I respect the changes that TC is trying to make, they are trying to take Gears further and that requires more than the standard game structure that has been in place for the last 5 games. Also just because you can make Raam give the thumbs up doesn’t make him any less of a badass, if it really bothers you then don’t do it. TC is just trying to add a bunch of customization items and I’m sure the best is still to come. Also I love these new maps and I really don’t see what the problem is. The weapon tunings aren’t that bad but also take into account that the game is still very new so how about you give TC a chance to implement some improvements and try to be a bit more open to some changes and just enjoy what actually is a very good game.


Woah. Slow down a little bit, buddy.

Successful. Yes, they wanted it to be successful.


It was already successful tf you talking about lmao. If anything the franchise is in shambles now so you don’t even make sense. Stop riding TC they don’t even know you exist :joy:


Yeah, definately as successful as Halo and CoD.

All I’m doing is bursting your bubble about this “successful and wonderful franchise” you have built up in your head. It was never as good as you think it is, and was never as successful as FPS flagships.

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Successful as what? Halo? Halos been dead for years dude lmao. They made a ■■■■ ton of money off goons like you buying their loot boxes in 4.i don’t think they care if they’re as successful as COD. Last I heard, cod is getting some serious backlash right now by all the gamers and news outlets. Why would a company want to copy that :joy: you’re a shill who doesn’t know ■■■■. Now go relax them lips and stretch those knees. TC wants you later

It was never as successful as those titles yet Gow 1-3 was a system seller. :man_shrugging:


Feel free to disagree, but treat other people with respect. Thank you.


I’m telling you it’s a mediocre franchise that under-performs compared to it’s peers, and you’re defending it tooth-and-nail. I do see a fanboy whiteknighting this franchise right now, but it isn’t me.

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Cliff may have helped create and/or stumbled upon something truly great but i can tell you that i remember what people were saying back in the day. He was just as much of a sellout as anyone else. People have a serious rose colored glasses issue looking back on Epic Games and GoW. I think we have to be intellectually honest and say as much as we don’t like some of what TC does, Epic was TC’s selloutness dialed up to a 10.


I am not calling anyone a sell out. The purpose of a business is to make money. OP clearly was talking about the differences between now and then and I explained most likely the reason for those changes. I for one liked gears games well maybe not so much judgement but all the rest have been OK. This game would be OK too if they tweak certain things but I am reserving judgement.

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Their silence truly is deafening.


This statement sums it up nicely.


“That” dance :frowning: my heart broke a little when I saw this.

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Rod had said a few times he was for changes whether big or small that would either upset the community or be praised by it. He’s got no problem betraying the formula.

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Gears was never a horror game in absolutely any capacity. Lol

lmfao did we ever think we would be saying this about rooftops and statis? rooftops does sound fun right about now though

the maps do look good but they create a different style of gameplay. the layouts are just not all that good for my favorite mode which is koth

they really just wanted to make it more of a rifle game but it just doesn’t work for us veterans and sweats. have you all tried playing on a full team, a 5v5? it is so campy.

it works as a more casual game, more of a hop on and play type of game. this was never gears…


I never understood why rooftops got so much hate, I thought it was a great map