Gears of war has changed and not for the better

I’ve played this game since I was 14 years old and the whole time I played this, and replayed it the more I seen developments to gears of war 5 has changed gears for the worse. it has always been about Marcus basically being main character you know I don’t like how they’ve changed , and now you have not even the son of Marcus Phoenix, but some chick that is related to the queen of the locust so the story is not about Marcus anymore and the end of gears five you either have a Dell I think and Marcus’s son ones alive another is dead you choose like wtttffff First of all they’re making over six ■■■■■■■ games of gears of war. I think it’s time to wrap it up. You know what I mean like how long are they gonna continue to push the story… they need to do six gears of war, Marcus‘s dies for final battle with the locust. I don’t ■■■■■■■ know, but that would seem amazing because the more they fiddle with the story the more I do not like newer gears. Snapchat RichJiraiya if anyone wanna talk about it



Yeah the choice is stupid

I think it should’ve ended at 3.

As long as theres money to be made and as long as video game journalists say the games are incredible despite the games not being finished.


Yeah bro, I’ll be using voice text it be so much faster lmao, definitely should’ve ended Already !!!

As it should be called.


I think this just highlights the way in which fandoms develop over time and that people become so attached to the original series, the stories and characters, that any subsequent series’ are almost certain to fail due to fan perception.

It’s not an issue exclusive to GOW. It’s something that occurs with just about any popular series. I remember as a kid this happened with the G1 Transformers series when Optimus Prime (and many other original G1 characters) were killed off as they tries to introduce new generation of toy onto store shelves. But ended up having to bring him back the following season. Star Wars is another big series afflicted by this.

Anyway, I think this mindset of fandoms means that there will always be a high degree of negativity toward anything that isn’t the original material.


Brings it pretty nicely to the point.

I personally am not too invested in a story-line so I don’t bother too much. Fun fact I actually do like the character-progression of Fahz.

But you could stretch it further and talk about PvE content such as Horde too. They pretty much went overboard with Ultimates and stuff coming from other games which to some extend do not make much sense, yet it gives us something to work on. Kinda a give-or-take situation here.

I just don’t understand here why they had to tie the modifiers to difficulty and make 8 difficulties out of this. 3-4 difficulties is more than enough with the modifiers just giving you a different kind of challenge. If they had made those modifiers selectable like in Gears of War 3, it’d been way more fun to play the game since you could ACTUALLY challenge yourselves with some terrible setups, unlike the piece of cake we have nowadays with all the completely overtuned classes.


The story is a factor for me, but I think it’s become less important nowadays because of all the multiplayer options. That said, it’s not that I don’t care about the story campaign. It just takes up alot less of my time compared to Horde and Escape. But I expect this is the case for most people and most videogames which feature multiplayer as a secondary mode.

I thought GOW5’s campaign was fine. GOW2 was still the peak for me, but then GOW has never been (in my opinion) a heavy weight when it comes to story telling. GOW4 was okay but a bit bland. I don’t have too many issues with the new generation of characters, no more than the OG generation anyway. I always thought that the original Delta Squad characters were a bit rubbish, and felt that alot of fans’ complaints about the newer crop was a bit unreasonable. I’m not going to get into the details cos it’ll just spark arguments (probably) but broadly speaking I feel its due to the mindset of fandoms and TC have always been in a lose-lose situation.


That one is actually a really good contender for any kind of story-telling across all games. The way they implemented the dramatic scenes in that one was top-notch, very well executed. I’m not surprised this game was banned in some countries for a longer period of time.

See from me when I was younger, I never had Internet, so it was nice playing the campaign you know, and for me, the campaign was what Really got me into the game. I don’t necessarily care about what happens next because they’re gonna do what they wanna do. Truly tho I think only adding on to a story makes a story worse.

Just an observation here:

In the past 2 weeks i’ve come across 3 different people in versus spouting racist nonsense through on-screen text chat and they all had that same “bad decisions” gamer pic.

I had never seen that pic before until recently.

Anyway, it was easy enough to screenshot and report them to no avail but at least i tried.

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I’ve also seen this pic before when playing gears, i know that if people report your gamer pic for whatever reasons the xboxlive enforcement team will change it to something else and you’ll get a notice of enforcement from xboxlive. Perhaps this a new picture they apply??

Edit: I just went through my recent players and there was 2 people who had this pic, they were from me playing Dayz.

Bad Decisions is a good song tbh

I don’t even have to change my gamerpic.

I love this line

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Come on, storylines evolve thats fine.

That ridicolous thing is how they ■■■■■■ up the game regarding the technical quality and game modes.

Remember wingman? We give you a bunch of crippled gnasher maps.

Remember the unique mode execution where you had to execute enemies to kill them?

I just don’t care about Gears of Wars.
Nowadays I play Shatterline when I want to play PvE. Expedition mode is similar to Escape - 3 player COOP againts monsters and fanatic soldiers.
The game is still beta and it is a first person shooter with Hero system.
Yesterday I even tried PvP but I am pretty bad at PvP even in that game…

I just wanted to add a rant about the german translation. It is embarassing.

Daily objectives stating

… 3 enemies with explosives 0/5

… characters yelling the wrong grenade type (smoke instead of fire etc)

Mistakes everywhere.