Gears of war franchises changes

Why does everyone insist that Gears of war needs to change or the gameplay is always the same? Every Gears game, there’s always that one person who looks at the gameplay and complains it’s the same thing, like Oh Gears 5 looks just like Gears 4. Isn’t gameplay more important than graphics? And isn’t that what’s Gears of war all about, the gameplay and how fast pace and competitive that what makes Gears of war so unique, also with the Gore and language, sure it’s a dude bro game, but it’s kinda just nerving to see these people kinda ■■■■ talk about Gears, especially Sony bronies.

Sure Gears 5 might pander to casual, a tad but it still has that Gnasher battle, wall bouncing, long shot clutch we know and love sweaty gameplay, Opinion, yes but at least learn the gameplay to see WHY we love it and play it, for me being 13 years old gears veteran, I can’t wait for Gears 5, I’m just hoping they fixed that sluggish, clunkyness and Gnasher inconsistent. Is judgment a perfect example of what happens if you don’t follow the Gears of war gameplay movement? Thanks for hearing me out :3 I mean, are we like call of duty, but better? Or are we like Dark souls of multi-player, or Unreal tournament. What do you think, my Gears veteran :thinking:

You’re all over the place there so I’m not entirely sure what the focus of the thread is but as far as the game not changing goes, repeating the same thing for years on end is not stimulating to me. I want to have advancements in mechanics, visuals, strategies, etc. Most successful AAA titles manage to do this. It’s not “that one person” who expects to see evolution, it’s most gamers, so I’ve no idea why you’d phrase it like that.

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Probably worded it wrong, I wonder how we would react to a first person Gears of war, that would be pretty cool :sunglasses:

Not really, since the overall movement would have to be dumbed down.