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Gears of war franchise officially dead

halo 4 is dead when halo 5 came out… no the “Franchise” is not dead…Go find a ranked game of KoTH in GoW 2! o wait, you cant…
Gears is not any different than any other series… people move on eventually. it happens… I find matches in gears 4 right now all the time. i dont have this issue but i am also cad with a 25 ping…

I dont know if all the whining people in this forum are the majority. I cant see this game being a bust. Its perfect IMO.


GOW4 is now over 2 and half years into its life cycle so it’s expected that the player base drops off. I think there’s definite issues with the matchmaking - especially where high ranking players, especially in parties struggle to find matches, especially in certain game modes, but on the whole the player base is still active all things considering.

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So to sum it up, all you played was arcade which was a mode that had classes with preset loadouts and isn’t traditional to the other gears of war multiplayer modes and is something completely separate from them.


Was wondering why when I reloaded and had six shells in reserve I only reloaded three.

The one thing Judgement did right was remove active reload entirely and kept it simple. If we could have that, that would be great,

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TC are doing everything they can to move away from what made gears great in 1 2 and 3 ,its like Ferguson wants to get away from epics gears,you can clearly see from gears 4 the people developing it for TC are not gears players,they add things to the game that is not needed ,concentrate on anything but the gnahser battles which is really what gears is about.
All true gears fans want ,fans from gears 1 2 and 3 is decent servers and gnashers hit detection that works,new maps to add to old great ones and thats it.
Gears 5 is not gears in any way,its atrocious .
Ferguson is the man to blame,he was not number 1 at epic but is at TC ,
Epics gears is gears end of.


If anything this game is closer to the epic gears game by design. We all changed the way the game played by abusing the shotgun and wall bouncing. A change I’m all about but to say all this come on bro. Sure wall bounce fights are far figety anymore but get used to the new game before u complain

Nothing has changed, the truly bad players are always groaning and complaining. Here’s an idea, how about you try being optimistic and seeing the good things like 99% of the player base

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WTF ?closer to epics?is as far from that as you can get.


Doesn’t really subtract from the fact that this game has it’s downfalls. Ignoring the negatives is being blind to the truth.

Plenty of skilled players say the same thing.

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No its not. Its completely different.

I don’t think you or many others understand, that wall bouncing is a by-product.

They have tried to reduce this, through the movement and the many delays that have been implemented and what ever other means.

When you start doing this, it affects other parts of the gameplay and the overall experience. It changes the game.


I have to say that adding these ‘new’ elements doesn’t mean they are improvements. I know we can’t just have a copy paste of each gears game, however some elements just worked and didn’t need changing.

I’ve accepted that by playing the tech test I have to play a very different way to the other titles, whether it keeps me as interested remains to be seen. I find I’m using the lancer more then the gnasher because it’s more effective, perhaps for these maps?

I’m actually thinking of cancelling my pre-order (Digital Ultimate Edition) 4 Feels way better. And I’m not taking about Arcade mode…

Probably just going to get the Standard physical edition, since it’s $20,- cheaper, and I can live without 30 days of boost. Kinda sucks I will have to miss the Terminator pack though…

you can rpeorder with gamepass and still receive the product im pretty sure… please read the original games xbxo live description where the requirements are listed for you. (Not the ultimate edition description or the terminator pack itself). thank you!

That, plus 60fps lock

It is most likely because you are playing arcade. Arcade is exactly what you described , but I promise you that as soon as you enter one of the two ranked game modes that is going to change.

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I like how now everyone is complaining about rifles now lol. I’m not saying it should be gnasher only fest, but an auto gun downing in 11 shots with a clip of 50 has always been a little much

g5 the lancer is 30 rounds, what are you talking about? unless u mean older games… 60 rounds in g1 was fine… it was not an issue really. it didnt dominate the game then. only certain things like stopping power changed this meta nd thats because the gnasher is not the only part of the game. i get why they did what they did… even if in some regards, i dont like it.

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