Gears of War for windows

So somewhat recently (Oct 28th 2019) I picked up a desktop PC to finally play PC games. I have Gears 4 & 5 but do not find them that fun to play. I remembered I still have Gears 1 for the PC (along with Kane & Lynch 1 and Rainbow Six Vegas 1) and installed it to my PC. I am finally able to run this game at all high settings but am getting a bit of screen tearing and the game is capped at 62FPS. Is there no way to get it to run at higher FPS with little to no screen tearing? Attached is going to be a file with the settings I am running it in case no one has access to the game to look it up.

You would have to dig into the games files for settings to go above.

From what I looked at previously, it’s a bit tricky but there’s always a way.

its capped at 62 because your vsync is on.

if vsync is on it makes it to where you can only get the max frames your monitor hz use.

turn that off and u Gucci man

This isn’t true. It has a hard cap built into the game (why I do not know).

He also wouldn’t be getting all the screen tearing with vsync on.



This spoils it tbh.

Back when it was released,

It looked incredible maxed out on Ultra at 60FPS.

It was so smooth compared to console and damn, that sniper as amazing to use.

If it had a FOV slider and uncapped FPS then I would definitely be playing it today.

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I just turned off vsync but I am still seeing the FPS counter at 62. Had a moment where it up to 63.