Gears of War Fighting Game

Now before you say how would this be done or what will it be like. I’m thinking something simple in terms of combat and a mix of movement like in Pokken Tournament and boxing. Keeping a small arena with some movement such as dodge rolling to evade to the side. Ideally the best studio to do this has to be NetherRealms

Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Damon Baird, Augustus Cole, Anya Stroud, Samatha Byrne, Bernadette Mataki, Hoffman

Grenadier Elite, Theron Guard, Kantus, Armored Kantus
General RAAM, Skorge, Myrrah,

Kim, Anthony Carmine, Dizzy, Tai, Benjamin Carmine Jace, Griffin, Clayton Carmine

Guest Characters
Master Chief [Halo]
Joanna Dark [Perfect Dark]
Brutus [Brute Force]

Paduk, Sofia, Alicia, Michael Barrick, JD, Del
General Sraak, Elite Drone, Imago

Evade left or right is dodge rolling [LT or RT]
Low hits are kicks [X button]
Medium hits are roadie run charge attacks [A button]
High hits are punches [B button]
Executions be something like fatalities for end of matches. Based on the weapon you have equipped to a character so if they have the Boltok the spinning animation then hit is used.

Class types
Light quick evading, but weak fast attacks
Medium balanced with mobility and attack power.
Heavyweight slow evading, but strong slow attacks

Character customization/Modified Original Characters
Create a light, medium, or heavyweight COG soldier with different types of armor like Onyx, COG, Gold etc. Taking inspiration from the diversity in the Gears 4 cards.

Think the closest we’re gonna get is Raam in Killer Instinct

I like it. I feel like wallbouncing gnasher battles are like a fighting game but if you mean 2D, no weapons, I get that.

Fighting games have been done to death but having the Gears characters would be a cool spin.

Love the mention of Perfect Dark. Didn’t think anyone else still played that.

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Go ahead and invite Doomslayer and Blazkowitz to the party lol

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