Gears of War Execution cinematic camera. Can we be able to turn that off in the future?

You know how your camera changes and sync’s up with the execution animation? Well… At least for PC or both console and PC, I don’t care, but do you think there could ever be an option to turn that off? I actually prefer having my camera remain in the same angel that I left it when I started the execution rather than it do this “Assassination Cinematic.”

Idk… I never was really a fan of that, Sometimes your camera actually glitches and remains normal while doing the execution but 99 percent of the time, your camera will alter to follow the animation of the execution and I understand why they do that, so you can see it, but you can still see it even if your camera doesn’t alter position if you are looking the right way. I’m not saying to force change it… I’m saying maybe give players an option to turn it off. Just so its there. Think of it as an “Extra” PC setting or something. It would just be nice, Small detail I just wanted to mention.