Gears of war Ephyra Rising ( allowing spoilers )

so i made this topic specifically for the people who wants to talk about the book, so if you want to talk about spoilers ,please go ahead share your thoughts.

so far i’m on chapter 4 and the biggest surprise was Aaron griffin had a civilized short discussion with anya, also i don’t feel good about jamila shin , it seems she’s up to something.



Anya will die!

Okay… I did not read it! :sweat_smile:

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Only had time for chapter 1 so far that is as intros go pretty nondescript.
But eh I guess Marcus smiled ?
(Got the Audiobook, too lazy to read these days so it takes longer than if I would read myself lol)

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I had to stop and reread the bit where Anya explains to Baird which types of community-fostering could stop Cyberdyne (sorry, cough, I mean Seradyne) from taking over the world.

Generally, social engineering concepts in science fiction are nebulous and fantastical, not theoretically beneficial or even provably positive. It’s the same in real life. Yet, there’s always someone out there who finds a way, and the specific programs Anya suggests to Baird are among those proven fruitful in the real world (those being holidays/festivals, games/sports, and education).

He shows a remarkable understanding of the source material, and of the nitty-gritty levers of power and economics and societal fabrics on Earth.


Thought the book was great but my one gripe is really minor in that everybody was calling Baird “Damon” it just felt off in a way. Loved the way everybody was portrayed. Wondering what the heck is up with the kids at the end. Brandon was a solid character as well.


Those kids at the end would be like older step-siblings, or at least older acquaintances, to JD and Del. Family friends. They’d be nearing 30 in Gears 4 and 5.

It’s also probable that Nick went with Sierra if and when she moved out early. They might not have stayed with Fenix and Stroud for long. It seems there was a period of time where the Stroud Estate got to be a busy, lively place after all.

Anya and Cole have had a habit of calling Baird by his first name. Civilians, too. But I’m pretty sure Marcus only ever called him “Baird” in this book.

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Just finished the book a few minutes ago and can say I enjoyed every bit of the parts before and all of Act 3.

The book doesn’t go into the distance future after the Countermeasure goes off, only about 7 to 8 months after the ICM went off, so we don’t get to know exactly how Anya died or anything about Jinn.

We do get to know how Baird created DBi and how Anya became first minister.

The whole Act 3 was real Gears to me. Delta all back together. Baird, Cole, Sam. Clay, Marcus with addition of 2 good characters Karima and Brandon. I like the story of people nursing locust back to health and using them as weapons and the Delta destroying them… Kinda crazy to see.

What I want to know now is :
How does Anya die? I know its implied that she died during childbirth complications with her second child but I would like concrete info instead of implications.

What happens to Sierra and Nick?

Where does Jinn come from?

How do they go about hunting the rest of the Locust? Do they just create sqauds and send them everywhere or did Hasterwith have data on whereabouts of the Locust?


I just finished it too. I preferred Bloodlines. But in all honesty, these books are nothing on the Karen Traviss series of books.

Just finished the book. The author got the characters mostly right. Some personality traits and actions/dialogue seemed a bit off, but it is a different world they all live in now. Perhaps not being under the constant stress and tension of war has changed some of them slightly. I try not to get too picky lol. I am happy with where the characters ended up after the war… their roles seemed very fitting and reflected each of them well.

Im glad the book picks up right after Gears 3, but I wish it covered more of a time frame, and not just what happened within the first year after the ICM. I want to know what happened to Anya, what caused Marcus to not trust the COG and distance himself (I feel like there’s more to it than just Anya’s death), etc.

All in all I enjoyed it, and am hoping there will be more books to come.


i enjoyed the book thought it brigged the gap pretty well and it explained a few things but yet left a few questions


Good take on the book. Agree with this.

I don’t advocate for book burning…
But that crosses my line.


I’ll be vague but there’s a particular explicit interaction between Anya and Marcus in the book.


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About time they remember the Lambent exist. Was starting to think they forgot about them.

Well, Gears 6, the Lambent are going to be revealed to have evolved into the Swarm. They have to. There’s no logical reason for the Swarm to exist otherwise.

Ephyra Rising is as close as they’ve gotten.

Could have stopped when…well, you know. :pensive: