Gears of War Devs Reveal series timeline and how the Gears universe can grow

          As for where they can go for the stories, well, that's what they've left all that negative space for. Mah mentioned they still have more to tell of Del's story, and they don't want to restrict their creative options for just the "here and now" of Gears either.

So does this mean JDs death is canon or is Del getting like a flashback side story?

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I think it’s just a clickbait comment to sell more books but if that’s true then I’m happy because my prediction will be correct and there is nothing more important than being correct on the internet.


I know right? Whenever I read a stupid comment on the internet I am filled with rage and shout “Someone is wrong on the internet! To the laptop!”


I thought that playing like a pro in chess on the internet its the most important thing in the world.

Interesting read but I’m just confused by the timeline, like, it’s wrong.
Myrrah was attacking adam fenix and his lambent killing device. Not holding him hostage and forcing him to make it.
No wonder the story gets wonky if this is what TC work off.


With so many different writers on this 14 year old franchise, we’re overdue for canon-breaking stories. Look at the Star Wars Extended Universe.


the problem its not the gears universe or wether the gears universe can grow…

the problem its to create good games using that source material…

Yeah I know, and gears 5 is def cannon breaking anyway.
But to get the story of gears 3 wrong is just kinda weird.

I’m sure a few cannons were broken at some point in Gears, but I don’t really see how Gears 5 breaks the canon.


I thought it was “Hana” and not “Hannah” like they mentioned in that podcast link. But nice to know that Cole had a daughter.

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Thankful to know that they have more plans for Del. He has been involved in 2 games and a novel and he has had barely any character development.



After I clicked out of the thread my brain said “did you just write cannon you dumb**ck?”
Yes, yes I did.

I like the addition of the lore for myrrah, but the whole creation of the locust is contradicted by previous games (looking at you sires and WTF is a kantus?).
Plus they seem to be downplaying the whole lambent thing and tilting it toward the locust attack because myrrah hates humanity. Versus the more nuanced, myrrah attacks as she is losing the war with the lambent. After asking for help from the surface and allowing adam fenix to help try to come up with a counter measure to the lambent.

I’ll admit I’ve not read up on the lore additions with the books/comics since 4 came out as the story in the game put me off (also no karen travis) , so maybe I’m missing something.

It’s just like Halo. Humans expanded outward into the galaxy to escape the flood.

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In the comics, Myrrah stormed Azura and held him hostage to make it so the machine didn’t kill the Locust.
It wasn’t until Delta freed him and she resorted to attacking the machine. Myrrah straight up tells Marcus and Adam that the Locust have a right to live and demands that Adam finish his work in Gears 3.


Yeah I knew I’d missed a bit. Cheers.
I still don’t think their timeline summary quite captures what was going on though.

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Timelines hardly ever take all the context of situations, they’re made more to chronologize a series as efficiently as they can I feel.

Thankfully Gears is pretty clean compared to say…Kingdom Hearts or Zelda or god forbid Star Wars lol

As for Gears 5 breaking some sort of canon, I don’t think there was ever much info on the Locust experiments that were hinted at in 2 until Gears 5 so this gave some context to that and how Myrrah even became a Queen to the Locust.

I could be missing something.


I can see that, I hope whatever version of this the gave to gears tactic devs was a bit more detailed though.

The bits it ignores are around the sires being locust/human hybrids, implying the locust have been around for a while and things like the ancient looking locust hive that delta infiltrated, which gives the same impression.
Also just WTF is a kantus? They don’t look human-esque in the same way say raam or the grunts do, weird bird feet, pointy tounge, etc.
Admittedly, smaller stuff that was never fleshed out and I’m cool if the want to ret-con stuff. But it’d be nice if they tidied up as they go.

As a disclaimer, I’ve not been heavily into the lore since gears 3 and it’s novels, so my knowledge is rusty and not up to date

“Have you noticed there’s no official world map of Sera? To the dismay of artists and designers at The Coalition, Mah’s team have made sure a complete map of Gear of War’s world, Sera, won’t exist – ever – even when one might make sense in a game or comic.”

‘The art team is often asking us for a map of the world like a globe, like, ‘can we just put a map in this office?’ I’m constantly saying no, because we have worked really hard to continue what they did in the original trilogy, which is, not commit to a map of the world," Mah said. "So it’s fine to have local area maps, but as far as I’m concerned, we will not ever have a globe with continents on it.’

Then you’re a bunch of ****ing morons.

And Brumaks are apes not ‘dinosaurs’.

In Gears 5, we were able to actually take that question - ‘Where did the locust come from?’ - and tie it into Kait’s whole journey," she says.

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