Gears of War Creator Teases New Game, Coming Out of Retirement

From website:
Yesterday, Cliff Bleszinski, the creator of Gears of War, teased a new game and that he may be coming out of video game development retirement to make it. And no, it’s not a battle royale experience. The tease came via Twitter, and naturally, picked up a little bit of traction. According to Cliffy, the game idea – which he doesn’t divulge – has been stuck in his head. The former games developer then suggests the idea may take him out of retirement. Unfortunately, further details aren’t divulged, and for the moment, all we can do is wait and see if the idea truly manifests into something bigger.

Now I mean no disrespect to TC or MS but imagine if Cliff came back or even if he was brought back (wanted to, he is mega rich after all) to do remasters of Gears 2 and 3, I’m thinking RE2 levels of brilliance.

So for a bit of fun on a Friday, who would welcome Cliff back ?

On the subject of FRIDAY’s only three more of them before we fall in love/get peed-off all over again fellow Gears.

Locust Forever

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Can’t imagine that. It’s not up to us.

? what is not up to us. I’m Hypothetically speaking of course, just a bit of folly on a Friday.
At the very least one would wish him well. I know about the Lawbreakers screw up but if not for Cliff would we even be on this forum ?

A better place to wish him well would be on Twitter.

What does it matter ? I do not “twitter” Ektope I don’t think this is the thread for you mate. Unless YOU (not TC or “not us”) did have an opinion on welcoming him back to the fold or not.

I would like his take on Gears moving forward or at the very least like to hear what his thoughts would be.

This part was weird to me.

This is why I said that it wasn’t up to us, as in forum members. We don’t have the power to welcome a dev back to Gears franchise. It’s silly to even think about it.

Can I imagine him doing Gears 2 or 3 Remaster? Nah. It’s the harsh truth.


The guy moved on. Although I’m wondering what this new game project is.

Rigging fo Conflict ? :wink:

or even

raW fO sraeG

No idea. But his Twitter said, not a battle royale.

Yeah I saw that, so that is something I suppose.
A Gears themed RPG…I would buy that for a dollar, maybe a couple.

i just went on twitter to check this out.

It’s probably gonna be another multiplayer game, given his track record.

I’d love to see Cliffy B. back in the saddle !

GoW2 & GoW3 remastered would be sick!

He could handle few slaps for sloppy work to certain people on the way back …especially in online net coding department.

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I’ll wait and see it in completion before I get hyped.

Lawbreakers was a “billion dollar franchise”

The BR game was a “passion project” and not at all a cash in on the industry trend of the time.

I hope he does come back from retirement but his track record in the past few years has left me doubtful of blind hype.


I saw the tweet also. It’ll be interesting to see but I really doubt it’s about anything gears related. That’s just me

Agreed. Cliffy B is a great hype man, but his most recent games mixed with his reluctance to engage with the Xbox community that made him a ton of money has really put a sour taste in my mouth.

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Given the franchise’s history with sloppy net coding, he might be on the receiving end of slaps if any of the networking issues trace back to legacy code, either in Gears or the Unreal Engine.

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I like the guy but I don’t know why people think gears is worse off without him, people realize that Rod Ferguson has been on the gears series since the first one, and it literally takes hundreds of people all with different job description and specialties to develop a AAA game., one man alone isn’t gonna change the quality of a game this large in this day and age.

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Fair points but I suppose it is like a lead singer being the focal point of a Band you might like. They may not even be a song writer or play an instrument.