Gears of War Collection on Steam

Do any of you think that a GoW Collection could come to Steam? Something like the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I would really like to play GoW 1-3 with friends on Steam. I believe if they do such a thing, it would be absolutely wonderful. I had fun times playing GoW 2 and 3 on the Xbox 360. I saw this post: Gears of War: Fenix Collection but that really hasn’t gotten anywhere… Would like to know what you people think of this idea, and if it could be done… I wish for the developers to try this. :smiley:

I really hope it happens, but with another developer and only limiting in only add enhancements like 4K, uncapped frame rate, fix bugs and don’t change the war journal or many features. I hope it’s a matter of time like Age of Empires remasters.

i played gears 1 on pc in 2010, and was waiting gears 2, that time i didnt even knew about exclusive games, i would like it on pc, but will never happen,


Gears of War: Omen Collection

Gears of War: Mad World Collection

or the

Gears of War: Delta Squad Collection

All sound much better to me than the Marcus Phenix Collection.
Halo is about the Master Chief. Gears of War isn’t just about Marcus. It’s about the Co-Op, the characters and Delta. It should be that instead of Marcus Fenix on the front name.

Hopefully with fully customizable buttons, and no screen shake options

It is possible that it may happen, but probably in the next decade or so, if the developers still want to work on GoW. Perhaps if we get a big enough following of the idea, the devs will consider it