Gears of war cog tag ( gears 2 promo)

Dose anybody have any info on the gears 2 “real” cog? The cogs tags hidden around the world? Dose anybody have a list of actual csid numbers that have been found? Dose anybody still have there’s? Can anybody have the dimensions? Anything on it would be awesome?

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I remember that promo.

I am almost certain that the ones they hid were identical (dimension and material wise) as the ones that came with the Gears 3 Epic edition.

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Ok I thought so… Just so hard to find really any info on them since it was so long ago.

I found the one that was hidden on the University of Washington (AMMO CASE #25) next to the electrical engineering building. I have had it since the day I found it in 2008. If you really do some digging you can find a list of everyone that found one that was hidden. But I’ll make it easy for you.

I found that list a couple days ago. My gamertag at the time was “IANataSS” but it was listed as “NataSS” and “IANataSS” in another section because I helped another member (Exo) find one that drove from San Francisco to Las Vegas and guided him through the desert to get to it.

The COGS for GOW3 Epic Edition were different.

There were a few that were sent to on line article writers and reviewers but they did not have the tag and the chain and they were received in a GOW2 box. Within the community the ones mailed to people werent “real cogs” because there was no leg work for them to do. The ones that were actually found had a extra dog tag with a small chain and had directions of how to enter the CSID # on the website to unlock things for everyone to access. Background screens for your computer, etc. There was a total of 43 CSID #'s . A couple of those were to the mail outs.

There used to be a collage with photos of all the people that found one of the COGS on The Last Day Forum, but that forum appears to be gone into the abyss now.

There were a couple that were picked up by people that were never entered into the system and considered “Missing”. One of them was in Seattle at a famous landmark under a bridge. More than likely picked up by a homeless person.

I was very lucky to have found the one that I did. If you boil it down to the ones that were found, It looks to be about 32 world wide that were found by people. So if you are holding one, you are sitting on a piece of video game history that will more than likely never be duplicated.

My COG will be going up for auction on Ebay here in the next few days.


This is so awesome, Its unfortunate I missed out on all of the cool epic promos during that time.

The coolest thing I’ve seen TC do is make a chocolate custom lancer (life size).

There was also a Gears 4 Custom Lancer replica available at some point. I really wanted one but never did because Amazon refused to ship it outside of the US or some other idiotic nonsense that made it not available to us EU scrubs unless we went over ebay which I didn’t want to do. Also recall there being some sort of golden Lancer from TC but could be wrong there.

I still have the Necca Lancer from Amazon that came with the limited edition. Fun fact…they were supposed to make the chainsaw noise when you pulled the trigger on them. 99% of them didnt work.

Yeah I have it, it’s my most cherished gears collectable in my collection.

Nah, that was epic from my memory. TC only did the gears 4 custom lancer and the gears 5 MKIII lancer (with a red camo on it).

I wouldve bought the MKIII but I didnt like the red camo on it, the MKIII was enough incentive to buy it.

Here’s are some comparison shots of a Last Day COG and the COG from the G3 Epic Edition:

Also if you want some more into in the viral marketing campaign here’s a video made to explain the promotion:

Additional video showcasing the ARG site experience:

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Damn Stranded.