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Gears of war campaign has fake difficulty for coop

(xoSheDemonxo) #1

They double the enemies if you play coop. They shouldn’t add more Enemies that’s just fake difficulty. There’s already way too many enemies when you play insane or hardcore. There isn’t enough space to move around with that many enemies. Also the fact that you hardly get any ammo and it’s takes all the ammo you have to kill basic enemies. I’m so tired of this game already.


Stop playing it then. I stopped months ago but unfortunately TC came up with this challenge and i actually want these black phantom skins. After this challenge ill uninstall it again and hopefully they wont have anymore challengea that entice me.

(AliceInChainsaw) #3

I haven’t played in a few weeks now…

The whole matchmaking system, ridiculous wait times for D+ ranked players, and response from TC (lack thereof) really pisses me off. Nothing in the forums, nothing through twitter DM.


It’s like the Godfather, Tony. Right when you think you have severed ties with your past (Gears) life, it pulls you right back in


I played one SR and then played a few KOTH matches. I didn’t wait long to get into matches but had maybe 3 lobbies dissolve. But man, the stupidity of some players online is what makes me angry. People worry too much about their K/D. I could care less if I die 100 times. I go for the break all the time and I cap like a mother. These guys get close and see one guy and they roll backwards and don’t engage right away. Glad I am finished playing MP. I hate TC even more now for making a ridiculous challenge that made we want the Black Phantom skins.