Gears of War Board Game

If I remember correctly Gears had a board game a long time ago. It has been out of production for a while now but I figured some of you Gears Heads would know what I am talking about. Is it a totally unique board game or is it just like the Halo Wars board game where its just Risk with a different look? I know I’m not crazy in assuming there is a Gears board game.

HERE is a video about the game.

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Thanks Ghost. God I’d kill for that board game. Looks like so much fun.

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Didn’t they also do a Gears themed chess set?

I feel like I’ve seen one somewhere, perhaps it was a dream…

Ignore me, I just remembered it was something a fan whipped up.


I remember seeing that. Would love to add that to my collection.

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Imagine raam & myyrah as white king and queen.
Skorge & armoured kantus as the bishops.
Beast riders as knights.
Boomers/maulers as rook
And assorted drones grenadiers ect as the pawns.

For the cog I can’t really settle on which characters I’d want as which pieces.

On the one hand Marcus is king.
But the king doesn’t really do much but hide.
So Prescot is probably a more apt king imo.
Queen does alot of slaying.
But I doubt anybody would like Marcus as the Queen :joy:

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…I would :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a bonus, HERE is a video of a strapping young man unboxing the game.

I was looking for how much the game is going for now, and saw this in my results.

I wouldn’t mind Tbh, but his model HAS to include the fanciest, most ornate and extravegant tiara on the whole of sera.

The great Fenix deserves nothing less :+1:

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Thanks for the replies y’all. I’ve decided to take the initiative and try to find and buy the board game for an asking price that isn’t ludicrous.

Board game probably has Lag as well

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Haha. At least it doesn’t have two tunings for its weapons.

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I’d buy it, but wouldn’t open it.