Gears of War Battle royale and how could actually work

As you all may already know there is a rumor spreading all over the internet in regards of gears of war battle royal and i spend some times on this matter to think about how could this work with gears of war franchise.
Well believe it or not the answer is right in front of you and it’s “Gears of war” , let me explain it more clearly.
Gears of war is the game with large scale conflict which lots of things going on simultaneously, but we never had exprienced to see these type of situation because the linear campaign. On the other hand, console hardware limitation and gears of war never had a chance to show the glorious big war conflict, the best showcase in this matter i think it was gears of war 2 and also we cannot expect much from campaign anyway so lets see what gears of war does have to make it superior to the other games if we transform gears in to battle royal game :

  1. The great atmosphere which could easily make the battle royal game in to some serious spooky dark lonely survivor type of game like what we’ve seen in comic book with delta squad wanderning at night in large abondened city and also make it in to some serious action breath taking gameplay with large amount of people imagine sounds of 50 players lancers and etc…
    2.gameplay and mechanic : well for this matter obviously they need to implement new features to the game to adapt with large scale map. For example, roadie run could be more faster and all of the core mechanic must be the same as well, because that’s what makes gears unique and also that’s the main factor! bring more people into the game not some cheesy movements like fortnite, so put some new features in but tweak the core mechanic if you want to change something.
    now let me explain the features of the game :
    large scale map with small cities which included abondened house and apartment and also environment like the marcus type of house which surrounded with woods and jungle.
    for the vehicle we already have couple of options which is enough : armadillio (gears of war 1) and motorcycle from gears of war 4 that could easily do the job for transportation through the map.
    weapons : all the weapons are from the franchise included to the game from pistol to boomshot to mulcher and even trishot. For the heal option they can come up with new idea or using stim gas from gears of war judgment.
    imagine there is a town and you are on top of the hill you see the confliction from miles away and you gonna use advantage which is distance and set the town on fire with hammer of dawn, WOW that would be awesome right?
    As i mentioned before, this game is about war so how about we spawn some random swarm group or even locust patrol through the map or hell even spawn brumak out of nowhere and for a moment conflict between players stop, and they do some teamwork and gonna kill the brumak for the epic loot ? isn’t that cool? this could bring more tension and obejective to the game which makes game even more fun and enthusiastically. Or even surrounding by tickers and some random wretches.
    This idea would be able to easily bring more diversity and dynamic occasion to the game and define the Gears of war as whole and with every game lots of story going to tell and happen.
    for the blue circle as i mentioned in another thread they can use windflare or razorhail and for item drop using king raven , revear and etc…
    and for the match start people jump out of …

    the other thing i always wanted is environment destruction (battlefield bad company multiplayer on xbox 360 had that so no excuse ) i leave this option to your imagination and see how this could be great for the game mode.
    i’m gonna share more idea in this thread later and that’s it for now.
    if people have problem with battle royal name you can put other names on it , Gears of War Coalition , Gears of War Sera , Gears of War …
    this is the definition of Gears of war outside of 50 level horde , campaign and multiplayer.

    note : i was one of those people who quit gears of war 4 after 3 month of playing , i played gears of war since the E-day straight to 9 10 years and i though that was enough for me because not much to offer except lootbox and decent story with lots of flaws . i came back to forum because at some point i deeply care about this franchise and i want to see something new .

I think Gears could work for BR though I feel that life of the game would come down to two things. The price point and how TC would handle the lifespan support. The pricing plays a huge factor with getting people interested into a Gears of War BR except with free games like Fortnight and other FTP BR games Because though it is not a oversaturated market at the moment. Soon it will be with COD throwing there hat in the ring. Now gameplay I’m sure will run either like Gears 4 or possiblyGears 4.5. The canon is rich and if the TC put a Gears twist on BR it could be interesting. Now what I think will be the harest part is keeping the community interested in wanting to play it. A cover based BR sounds perfect though I think if we were dropped into a huge city that mimicked themes from favorite Gears maps and with Windflares enclosing on the map would be interesting. Just making sure customization and interesting post game content might also make or break the game. Though it would be interesting to see though BR is not really my thing.

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The br would be free and most likely used to draw in new players to the game. So if they did make one it should be released before gears 5 to get some new players the gist of movement and weapons. Great idea in my opinion. And it could very well work.

It’s a gnasher based game that focuses on up close and personal battle. Large scale battles on big maps would ruin the game.

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Nahhh… if players want that, that’s why and what we have Gears of War 4 and soon-to-be Gears of War 5 for, game modes like KOTH/Blitz and such.
A Battle Royale would have to be tactical approach, you don’t see people running around with mostly shotguns in PUBG or Fortnite.
They’re more likely to use Snipers or Assault Rifles, maybe Heavy Weapons.
At least that is more tactical approach, compared to mindlessly running in with Gnashers.
If you ever get close quarters, that would be great time to use Gnashers, Sawed Off or others.
It’s basically like playing Onyx/Diamond TDM, Guardian, and such.

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That’s why most Gears players prefer Gears to Fortnite or PUBG.

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I can’t speak for other players or you, but can give you my personal insights on why I prefer Gears over both Fortnite and PUBG combined.
Gears has better storyline, Campaign, more in-depth characters explored and cooperative modes.
The graphics are waaay better too, more gorier and bloody than “for kids” Fortnite and PUBG.
Saving the World in Fortnite was a little too complicated for me, couldn’t figure it out about levelling XP, character XP, survivor XP, choosing heroes and defenders… I was so confused.
Being a Gears player, it was easier for me to pick up any Gears games.
PUBG was :poop: cos no story.

So yeah, not all about Gnashers and Versus.
Rifles and ranged combat will work just fine in Battle Royale.

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So Microsoft is running out of ideas and found it easier to rip off other styles

Sure, why not even though I’d prefer a smoothly running game with minimal lag. Which brings me to my main point. They can barely put together a match of 10 people, how are they going to handle 50 or more in one match? Can you imagine the saltiness of players who spend a bunch of time waiting for/setting up 1 kill, only to have lag compensation snatch it away?

Don’t see why there is hate for a Gears Battle Royale because as long as MS innovates and differentiate than what currently out there than just be a blatant copycat then battle royal can work.

For example for gears, they could utilise lore like comic book characters, war ravaged environments etc.

If Gears simply just stayed with direct sequels, the franchise will never grow.

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I’m going to be a little sensationalist here… but I think a Gears of War BR would kill the Gears of War franchise.

The game would require a long-term effort from TC to continuously care for the game’s upkeep and health.

They would have to make sure people keep playing it and in order to do that, they’d need to monitor the game for a long while.

I just see that as taking away focus from the bread and butter, the traditional series. It’s already hard enough for them to care for one, regular game, imagine they had to divide their studio into two teams to work on a BR game alongside a regular title?

I REALLY have no desire for this mode in Gears. I don’t think it will “fit” at all.

Just concentrate on 5 and give us everything we want :slight_smile:

My worry is that a spinoff game that comes late to the party could end up harming the franchise.

After WoW became popular, many MMO’s came and went, few were successful.
After the first Dota, few MOBA’s were successful.

Battle Royal is the new flavour of the month (say couple of years really). Catching onto the tail end of it is something I could never imagine as being successful.

Alternatively I recently completed a VR experience. It was in a warehouse, we had backpacks, helmets and a gun on/with us physically. I spent most of the time wishing it was set in a Gears world rather than our actual setting: a spaceship versus robots, and later a zombie survival game.

If not Game Pass is gonna be a must Get for true Gears of War fans

TC should have made enough money from the packs to hire a separate team to work on i within the studio, if not long term support could be done by its partners or its Co-developer Splash damage. Alternatively, aTC will merely oversee the mode and delegate all development to third parties.

As long as BR development and support does not hinder Gears 5 then it should be done.

Neither does FFA, yet it’s quite requested mode. I do think people should give it a try.

Hi mate
I played a fair bit of FFA on Judgement, not a huge fan. As for BR just don’t see or want it in Gears.
Each to their own though.

Understandable, the way I see it BR is just bigger version of FFA. While Gears has always been about the team based approach, Imore, like 80% people (mostly new players or those that Dont realise how Gears is suppose to be played and this in turn aeffects your chances of winning.

So basically, if you don’t play as a team you won’t really enjoy mulitplayer. Now if there was FFA then you can play solo to your hearts desire especially for those that wants to get better, learn more about the merchanics of the game and play solo.

In all honestly, as long as the game does not affect Gears 5 whatsoever they should go ahead with this because Gears needs divesity and attract new players. Just following the same formula. Direct sequels with your traditional campaign, horde and multilayer is only going to take you so far.

If people don’t want BR, then by all means people can stick to Gears 4 until Gears 5 comes out (assuming BR happens that is).

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My edit: it was constructive. Ever heard of constructive criticism?

Huge Gears fan and im excited for anything Gears related so I would LOVE to see a BR mode. For those worried that it’ll ruin the franchise because of maintenance from TC there is another studio that works on Gears as well splash damage which I think assisted with Gears UE multiplayer so they could be the team behind Gears BR

Here’s what people must consider about a BR mode. If it’s gnasher centered at all, having more than 10 people in a lobby will be an experience that will kill the game with the current setup. We all see the sponging, rubber banding, etc. Apply that lag comp to 50 fluctuating pings and what do you get? A flop that kills the series.