Gears of War Ascendance: review and discussion thread *SPOILERS*

I just finished reading Gears of War Ascendance, so I figured I’d create a thread where we can discuss the novel and review it or answer questions people might have. Hope all of this fits the forum rules?!

Yes, will put spoiler warnings in the title


Awesome thanks dude!!!

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After having just finished it, my first thought is that Gears 5 is going to start sooner in the timeline than anticipated. After seeing the first E3 trailer with an older, bearded JD, I thought we were going to have a larger time skip happen with this book, but it all took place in roughly a month. That gives me high hopes for the Campaign come September.

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Agreed. From what I’ve seen for campaign and after reading the book, I believe gears 5 will pick up pretty soon after that last chapter and then there will be a time skip in the game.

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3 chapters in and I’m loving it. It has Sam in it…of course I would love it :wink:


I really enjoy the way the author handles Sam and Baird!

I’m on the 4th chapter and loving it. I find the change in attitude between Jinn and the main characters interesting. She went from being a dictator, to being more humble and sneaky. I can’t wait to finish the book.

And the fact that she is pregnant…

Read the entire story.

Return to Azure, heck yes.


That ending got me really excited. My theory is half of the story for gears 5 will be Baird sending JD and Marcus to get intel for the HOD. The author also tweeted back to me that he’s already started on the next book!


Agree. HOD will play a big role. I actually thought we’d never see it again.

I think it’s safe to assume that they are in the village Oscar takes the twins to in the E3 2018 trailer, and unfortunately I think its Oscar under the tarp,


Yeah I was thinking it’s either him or Eli. Would make the most sense and a good way to start her on the journey to whatever she becomes.

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I was wondering if I missed anything, but do we know why Jinn is against fixing the hammer? I’m wondering if the windflairs are an after effect or something, or the satellites simply are too unstable to be trusted.

I presume the capability for wiping out what’s left of the human race if it falls into the wrong hands. She seems very motivated by keeping people away from harm, to such an extreme degree she stops making a ton of logical sense.


Is the disc that Baird and IRIS are trying to decode the one from Anvil’s Gate? Or is it the one that Adam Fenix gave to Baird at the end of 3?

Problably the same disk that Adam gave him. Prescott had him locked in Azura so many years. He may worked something else all this time and probably that place is hidden something else.

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I’m wondering if that’s really Jack or Dave. Gears 5 description said play as Jack. But Tech Test Bootcamp and Ascendance had Dave. So which is which? Or are both back in action? One for each squad? Dave is apparently upgraded version of Jack. They both could be same thing.

In Riftworm Village, I would guess the body or bodies were the twins or one of them. The familiar face on Kait’s and Del’s journey may as well be Oscar again. Just a guess.

And I knew the kids would be Mackenzie and Eli from Ascendance description, before reading it.

One of the rappelling screenshots of Gears 5 may not be descending into Jacinto’s ruins. It could be rappelling down the cliff of South Village, because you can see the water and greens below.

The Hammer of Dawn satellites may not have been affected from Imulsion Countermeasure. It could have been out of range in space, just orbiting. So it was just dormant the whole time. But Tech Test Trailer had Hammer of Dawn Strike before Kait did the Breaker slam. So we may get to use Hammer again in Campaign.

I’d mostly be looking forwards to seeing the actual landscape, scenery and locations from the previous games and Ascendance in the open world feature for Gears 5. Like, what did Baird’s mansion actually look like? Because it’s sometimes hard to picture what New Ephyra and South Village looks like, from just reading a book.

Although the Bootcamp makes sense that DB’s weren’t coded or built for combat warefare. I would’ve though Cole might volunteer, but Del did in the Bootcamp section.

That’s good news. Maybe that’ll bridge Gears 5 to 6.

What do I like about the book is different perspective. Like when you’re playing a video game, it’s mostly shooting stuff. Exploring, shooting stuff again. Dialogue.

But the book does explore the emotions and what characters are thinking at the time. Even explaining how the characters talks. And getting to explore other areas that is not a combat zone like inside New Ephyra and the meeting.

Did any of us know what Kait was thinking about if Marcus minded her wearing Anya’s armour? Nah. But it clearly detailed her thoughts about wanting to ask him.

But from the book, it seems like Marcus and Kait have saved each other’s ases a handful of times. Probably more than Gears 4 combined. And it’s not a “father daughter” relationship like mentioned somewhere, as awkward as that might be. It just said her being a “protege”, meaning being some sort of discipline and Marcus being the inspiration or mentor. But there does seem to be similarity, including stubbornness. More than Marcus / JD relationship. Like Jinn might have thought Kait could be successor of Marcus.

I don’t think she’d become anything. Not even a Queen.

My theory is that Reyna was captured and tortured to extract some information.

It was hinted when Kait thinking that her parents weren’t around to tell her about it. Like Reyna’s mother might have passed the necklace to her and told her about it. But when at the attack on Outsider Village, it wasn’t the right time. Reyna wasn’t ready to hand to it over. She was gonna die at the end of Gears 4 anyway. After cutting her off, the next frame went to Kait walking out of cave. This moment beforehand, we don’t know what they both talked about.

In Ascendance, one of Speaker said “Supposed to impress me?”. Something along that line. And that it was a worthless trinket. What does this tell you? That the necklace seemed not important anymore. Whatever was done to Reyna could have been to extract information. And that the Speaker had no more use for Kait or the necklace.

Although when Kait goes to New Hope Facility in Gears 5, maybe Niles Samson could share some light and information on the necklace. That’s if Kait shows the AI, or ask about it.


Although it might not be far fetched to think that the necklace itself is some sort of key to unlock or open something. Some kind of safe or door access, maybe at New Hope.

Or Reyna may not have spilled or the Swarm couldn’t find any use for the necklace, when the Scion saw it first time in curiousity? But afterwards, thinking it’s useless.

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