Gears of War Anthology Map Pack For DLC

Include All Maps From All Gears Game Now That is Content imagine how long it would take to play all maps you can make it a tour or a challenge to play on all maps make it 20.00 so its affordable and come with weapon skin and a bonus guest character for both swarm and and cog maps below I also excluded the maps that are from gears 4 and is available in custom games but not multiplayer totaling to 68 Playable Maps In One DLC Lets Make This Happen TC We can Do this please Like and Support this Forum this should be heard

Gears Of War Maps

  • [1 Bullet Marsh]
  • [2 Canals]
  • [3 Clocktower]
  • [4 Escalation]
  • [5 Fuel Depot])
  • [6 Garden]
  • [7 Gridlock])
  • [8 Mansion]
  • [9 Mausoleum]
  • [10 Old Bones])
  • [11 Process]
  • [12 Raven Down]
  • [13 Rooftops]
  • [14 Subway])
  • [15 Tyro Station]*
    [16 War Machine]

Gears of War 2 Maps

2.[Blood Drive]
3.[Day One]

Gears Of War 3 Maps

  1. [Checkout]
  2. [Dry Dock]
  3. [Hotel]
  4. [Mercy]
  5. [Old Town]
  6. [Overpass]
  7. [Sandbar]
  8. [Thrashball]
  9. [Trenches]
    19.[The Slab]

Gears Of War 4 Maps

Gears Of War Judgment Maps

  1. [Estate]
  2. [Gondola]
  3. [Island]
  4. [Junkyard]
  5. [Library]
  6. [Rig]
  7. [Skyline]
  8. [Streets]
  9. [Haven]
  10. [Dreadnought]
  11. [Lost City]
  12. [Ward]
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The only way this is going to happen is if the map editor is extended to allow creation of versus maps, and all the assets from the previous games are put in there to use.

I’d love to help recreate the old maps in gears 5.

I can’t even see them doing that though… As it would take effort to put the assets in :anguished:

Nice idea though op. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t even have to ask for such a thing

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First off you are missing a bunch of maps from Gears 2, second half the maps from Judgment are overrun maps and wouldnt work well with Verses or horde, and third as much as people keep saying add all maps from Gears it wouldnt work. Not all maps are made for the way Gears plays now. Perfect example is the map Escalation. It was such a great map in the first Gears but try playing it on Gears 3 it is TRASH

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not really they just remade the map wrong less spots to cover spots you cant cover at all and not to many waist high walls easy fixes

it was the same map. same cover nothing more nothing less

i wouldn’t mind seeing maps from community creators like entirely new maps and new names and we choose to vote a map to be played in multiplayer until we build a map collection so big it make the game all the way re-playable and different maps different ways to play like a with tight corridors used for close quarter comabt or a very long range map with scatter long range weapons like long shot boltok markza oneshot boomshot any other range weaponry

Gears had a hard time keeping a decent population with $ map packs in the past, and the playerbase has only gotten worse with TC. There’s no way the population would keep up with the fragmentation a $ map pack would cause. You’d just end up on the forums and twitter all day complaining about not finding any matches.

That’s one of the main reasons they’ve gone with free map packs, because they literally had to.

first off finding not finding a match would be a sever problem nothing with the population the maps can be free i suggested a price to compensate the people working hard to make something like this possible and if they let the community make the maps no resources wouldnt have to be wasted change out maps every week or keep about 50 maps in rotation it’ll mix up the game play because you’ll never learn all the maps

Yessir! add these. add them all!

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Add mansion to that list and you have a deal :grinning:

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Mansion is somewhere in the 68 maps I mentioned I think lol if not I must of forgot

This probably won’t happen unless they do a Master Chief Collection but Gears. The Fenix Collection but it actually works at release and doesnt take 4 years to finally work right.

That would be dope.

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Please all maps from GoW 1 and maybe Trenches from GoW3,

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A gears collection would be dope or just remake gears 3 lol


No thanks, For me I don’t want 4000 old maps, I wouldn’t mind a few of the ones we haven’t seen in a while, but not a ton. Maybe 2-4.

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More than 40 maps for $20!? Ppfff!
Gears 4 had 14 or 16 maps as DLC and they are all $7.49 each! EACH!
It will be $250, at least, coming from TC
The best think will be a Gears Embry Edition*
Including all Gears campaign and 1 versus for all games in one game!

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There is also, all Gears 2 dlc maps (excluding Flashback) are missing

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Have they not already said that all maps, etc will be free? I assume the issue with paid dlc was the trouble it caused in Gears 2 MP

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Bad Gears 3 maps in that list:
*debatable *

What a selection.

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