Gears of War and Halo: Infinite Crossover

This topic goes out to those who are also Halo fans.

Since Gears 5 had Emile and Kat, two characters from Halo: Reach, do you think Halo: Infinite should do some sort of crossover with Gears? For example, make COG and/or Locust helmets and make them look like they could fit into the Halo universe and/or have weapon skins and vehicle skins with the Gears logo?


Doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. A Savage Theron Helmet in Halo would be cool.

I wouldn’t be surprised, but hope it doesn’t happen. I prefer all franchises to keep to themselves.


BTB with a KR or Centaur Tank, Armadillo etc would be cool.

Edit, I’m with pepper though, stay in your own lane :blush:

rip Hayabusa Armor :frowning_face:


Hopefully that will come back in Infinite. I mean, if they’re doing Samurai-like armor and they recently did Greek, Medieval, and Norse armor, they might bring the Hayabusa back.

Maybe they bring a COG Gear over from Gears, but I can’t see them bringing Marcus or Kait over.

I’ll probably be eating my words in 6 months time but I’m willing to take that risk.

Snatcher, Matriarch or Wakaatu in Halo!? :thinking:

That wasn’t the idea, but the Snatcher and Wakaatu would make interesting weapon and vehicle skins. The Snatcher could easily be a skin for the Scorpion or Warthogs.

I agree with Pepper. It’s a wasted and unnecessary effort. Just think of the lore characters we could’ve got in place of the Spartans, Terminator characters and horrifically bad WWE characters.


The fact that we got The New Day sooner than Reyna and Oscar says a lot.


I just realised what a franchise racist I must sound like! “GOW characters should keep to themselves; and Halo characters should keep to themselves!” :neutral_face:

Gears-of-War-style MJOlNIR armor pieces would be cool in Halo Infinite.

With Benjamin’s voice: BOO!

Would be good :sunglasses:

I can see it happening. Perhaps to attract some new Gears fans to Halo. It feels kind fo goofy to me but whatever. I’d be ok w it. If it brings in some new blood to the Halo franchise it can’t be a bad thing.

Informal poll. Who will be starting out on the Halo Infinite Campaign vs. who will be start gin straight away w PVP?

I 'll probably go Campaign first.

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Put some respect on my boy Big E.


I play campaign first. I want to play the story and gain some practice with the weapons,learning how each one works.


Checking the choice of horn sounds in FH5 earlier and Halo sound effect is there but no Gears Iconic sound (Chainsaw for example). Forza H4 also had the Warthog “mission/race” as well. Why are we not represented! :thinking::+1:.
Regardless I will attempt my Locust livery on a car at some point!

@X_Simian_X Campaign for me, then BTB/Attrition type pvp/pve hybrid

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At least we have the Armadillo in Rocket League and RAAM in Killer Instinct tho so it’s not too bad 🥲