Gears of War 6 Wishlist

Just some improvements, I’d like to see be added in the next title.


  • Free Roam was a nice idea, but there was too much open area in Gears 5’s campaign. If you can have more enemy spawn points, more enterable buildings, and more sense of danger in general, then that would mitigate the feel that the campaign is being unnecessarily stretched.

  • Replay value in the campaign. After finishing the main story, you could have tasks that refresh daily (within the campaign’s clock). This is only if it’ll be free roam again. (Clear out enemies gathering in x area, gather x materials, settlement/base upgrades, vehicle upgrades, weapon upgrades, etc).


  • Offline Horde (This includes AI teammates). Futureproof when the servers shut down.

  • AI Teammate customization. Being able to pick which characters will be on your bot squad, not just cog gears.

  • Being able to change your starting weapons in horde, regardless of class.


  • Keeping modes to a minimum. Quickplay (TDM, Control, PvAI). Ranked (Escalation or KOTH, FFA). Escalation makes more sense than KOTH, since it’s promoted in gears esports.

  • Featured weekly challenges (Quickplay only). This way you can bring game modes like Guardian, Execution, FFA, Gridiron, etc into quickplay, without making the mode selection be clustered. Complete x amount of matches, get x amount of eliminations, etc. Rewards could be coins, and extra xp.

  • Make capture points be a zone/area, instead of a ring.


  • Separate Cog and Swarm weapon skin loadouts.

  • Character creator for Cog Gears, like in Gears Tactics. Different types of helmets and armor, a color palette + wheel, and face/gender/hair/skin customization.

  • Expressions should have a separate menu from voice-lines/commands. This way, players can have 4 expressions, and 4 voice-lines. Hold the right-stick for voice-lines, and hold the left-stick for expressions (when not aiming, and not in cover),



  • Separate character dialogue volume for your character, teammates, and enemies.

Anyone is welcome to disagree with my opinions/ideas.
If anyone else has some other ideas, then you’re welcome to post it here.


Careful mate, unless TC specifically state “we are making Gears 6” you will likely get your thread removed by admin as “rumour” . I had one removed a few weeks back on those grounds…I know, I know.

Hopefully you will be allowed to keep.


tc wonders why their franchise is dead. they dont even let people talk about the game and build up hype/rumors. apparently thats not allowed. woke af tbh.

also a lot of these ideas are meh. gameplay needs an overhaul. its outdated. need big large scale mode, good net code, etc.

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Duff my old friend, you should know by now how much TC absolutely DESPISES any remote kind of hype.


Maybe unpopular (especially with all.the hate lately in match making) but I hope they keep Jack in gears 6


id like to see a easier interface for people and community groups who run tourneys and events in the private menus , a way to access the map settings as far as placements go and a option to use official E-Sports rules all in one location … help out the people who create content make things a bit easier for them


That explains why the guy presenting the trailers for every new operation sounds so dead inside

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No disrespect to The coalition/ Op,but a gears 6 without issues which effected on Gears 4/5at the start on both day one.

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Jack is a good class, I hope he does stay.

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