Gears of War 6: What To Expect From The Campaign

What do you expect to experience?
In the new game series, it is likely that Kaitdiaz and Marcus fenix are seeking revenge

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Taking cover and shooting, gears is a 3rd person tactical shooter.

Hopefully mac and the gang get in on the campaign, would like to see mac interacting with fahz.


I expect: whoever survives from Del/JD to die right away, really making that choice even more pointless.

Lol hopefully not, but that’s usually how choice things work out.

I’d be ok with it tho if JD (who I expect to probably be the canonical one to survive 5) makes it to the end of the game then goes out Heroic. Would make that “choice doesn’t matter” trope easier to handle if you at least have a cool send off.

I digress tho, I’ll look forward to it either way, hope they don’t extend open world elements too much further than 5, 5 had the right amount if you’re going to do it… really I rather just have a linear story personally, but at least 5’s open world was small enough you wouldn’t get lost off exploring away from main objective for too long.


I want them to spend no more than 1 act on wrapping up the Del/JD/Kait story and let the rest focus on Scorpio.

The Hivebusters DLC was infinitely more interesting and satisfying. Likeable well-rounded characters and minimal filler busy work.


The Queen to finally get her long overdue victory on the disgusting, evil humans!

Which obviously won’t happen.

I do hope Kait dies though, she thoroughly deserves to.


I just want 4 player once again…oh and to have Sam in the campaign, oh and to have a longer campaign, oh and no feckin robot enemies, I will allow Jack :sweat_smile::+1:


Nothing, as the only way I’d ever purchase Gears of War 6, is if it allowed us to use our Swarm/Locust skins in PvE, and since I’m pretty sure it won’t, I ain’t buying.

That’s a very interesting concept, Swarm in PvE. Why have you never mentioned this before?!

Keeping grand ideas like that to yourself all this time. So selfish!