Gears of War 6 lets try this again

The core mechanics for Gears do not need to change, in order to make gameplay feel fresh besides adding new weapons, maps, and characters is by overall having better physics.

Destructible environments, we have been asking for this since Gears 2 we need to see walls that we can shoot through or better yet roll through like the Mad world trailer. It doesn’t have to be battlefield style but a lot should be destructible. For example if I boomshot a peice of cover it should crumble and the destruction should stay there, at the end of a round it should look like a war took place, destroyed architecture, body parts, and weapons lying around etc.

Next is the Gore which besides taking cover is what Gears is known for. The gore needs to be unlike anything that has ever been seen in the series. In Gears 1-3 you could see the bones, intestines, brains and other organs this needs to be upscaled to the tiniest detail. Detailed gore just makes gibs and executions much more satisfying rather than seeing the inside of a jelly donut.

We also need to see armor damage. For example, bullet holes in the armor (was added to Gears 5) or the armor chipping away depending on the damage. Im talking dragonball z style if I survive a boomshot or grenade the character should look like vegeta after taking a beating, which would be dope to have survived while running around with damaged clothing/armor.


I would say the only good thing I liked from Gears 5 were the executions and being able to pick and choose them.

Also add the ability to run with a meat shield like the rendezvous trailer for Gears 2

Overall the gameplay for Gears of War 6 should LOOK satisfying. The tuning/gun mechanics should not have to change from Gears 4 to 5 to 6, ect. I think Gears 4 core tuning should be the standard for future games so devs can focus more on content than mechanics imo.

TC, you have a great franchise with a huge amount of potential you guys might need to bring in CliffyB for atmosphere I mean he is the creator…

Anyone have anything else to add?


Speak for yourself. I disagree with everything in your post.


I’m on board with this, go back to the physics 4 had and then just focus on making a good story/multiplayer experience with the destructible environments. would definitely make multiplayer more fun.

It was a bold strategy. Did not pay off IMO.


@GhostofDelta2, OP is posting pictures of you


ultimate edition was the best gears of war period and should be what they build off of in 6. gears doesn’t need 50 billion different weapons, characters, skins and game modes. instead focus just on new kill animations, weapon tuning, better maps and servers ,blood and gore effects.

Also imo there should be a universal look and movement speed so everyone is the same. i think that will help with all the weird looking kills and lagg.


That’s coo, but I never said “you”were part of the “we” I have friends that agree they don’t come on the forums like us. If you disagree with everything I’ve said in this post you might be part of the problem why this franchise is bad now lol I would love to hear your take on what Gears needs. Me, I’ve put in years in every single Gears of War game and there’s a lot missing in Gears 5.

  1. Anyone mentioning that idiot Cliffy Bee needs to wake up. He designed a mediocre forklift simulator, everything about gears atmosphere and story was the machinations of Karen Traviss. Say you want her back and then you may have a point.
  2. There are a lot of things needed for Gears 6 to get the series back on track, sadly I think none of them were mentioned in the topic post.

So CliffyB is an idiot for creating a flagship title for Xbox? Enough value for Microsoft to purchase the entire IP.

As far as games go Karen Traviss only wrote Gears 3 my guy, Gears 2 had a much better campaign.

Lol Cliff gets so much hate but just about every 3rd person shooter uses the cover system that Gears 1 perfected I really would love to hear your ideas on what should be in Gears 6

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Cliff did a lot of dumb things but that doesn’t change the fact that all the gears of war games he was a part of were good and successful . I guarantee if cliff had been a part of gears 5 it wouldn’t of been such a massive disaster.


You are correct, Traviss did the novels for Epic and wrote the Gears 3 campaign (and a few comics)

Both Gears 2 and RAAM’s Shadow were writen by Joshua Ortega

Gears J, 4 and 5 were written by Tom Bissell

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straight up went in lmao

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