Gears of war 5 x DOOM

So by now we’ve seen that Xbox has aqquired Bethesda and their ip’s. So as I was sitting. I (and probably everyone else) has thought about doom or something from doom coming to gears 5. Here are my thoughts and what should make an appearance.

So to start off let’s address the elephant in the room. DOOM slayer, this would be fun to see in gears. But how would they implent the slayer?

Well my idea is, TC should make the slayer a Clayton carmine skin. Why? Well Clayton is a bad ■■■ and so is the slayer. The slayer may be more bad ■■■ in terms of action. But in my own opinion I think it would fit. Now to move on and say “what if it was a pack” an item bundled with multiple cosmetics.

Here again are my thoughts, in the pack their should be. 2 marks, 1 weapon skin (that’s unique to the boomshot) and 1 legendary skin “The Slayer”. The 2 marks could be the slayers symbol and the U.A.C logo. The unique skin for the boomshot could be a plain white boom with a visual effect for the explosive. Just like the BFG the boom should shoot a green explosive. And for the skin… Quite obvious as to what the slayer would be. Tell me what you think and if you have other ideas put them below. I would personally love to see gears and doom collab for a special event, after all we have emile, kat and the terminators.

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