Gears of War 5 Wishlist (please read and provide feedback)

Here is a wishlist I made for gears 5 that I think everyone would like. Please provide feedback and add on the list.


Gears of war 2 had a multiplayer tutorial for newcomers on the map arcade. Gears of war 5 should have the same thing.

Theater Mode (w/analytics option)

A lot of complaints about this game especially on the forums comes from people sponging. Some complaints are legit, while others aren’t. A theater mode complete with an analytics option (similar to gears in the machine video) would silence any arguments whether someone is sponging or if the player missed.

Video link

Training Mode (w/ analytics)

There should be a training mode option in the private match options that allows you to turn analytics (see video above) on/off in game so it can be used as an aiming reference to practice.

Return of Heavy Weapons

Bring back the Mortar, OneShot, Hammer of Dawn or new weapons similar to those.

In game ranking progression

Bring the gears of war rank progress on the website in game.

Customizable Executions

Similar to the game for honor, all weapons (if possible) should have 1 or more alternative executions to add variety. For example, the swarm should have the option between head bashing or arm ripping execution.

Team executions

Executions that allow multiple teammates to join in. An example would be an execution where one character holds an enemy in place while the other starts beating him up as there standing.

Customizable cog soldier

Customizable cog soldier with challenges to unlock more parts for multiplayer.

Attention to Detail

One thing that gears 4 lacks is attention to detail that other games had. In gears 3 when you shot dizzy or mvp cole’s hat it flew off. When you shot people in certain areas they would bleed and if you went on cover you would see the blood smear on the wall. In gears 2 if you gibbed someone that specific spot where you shot would be the area that was effected. In gears 4 I feels random, and headshots don’t register properly. Lastly they should add better hair, clothes,and rain physics as they all feel static in gow 4 as well as better looking blood.

Ranked Mercenary Option

Solo queuing, for ranked matches

Classic Horde mode option

In addition to the new horde mode there should be a classic option similar to gears 2

Gladiator mode

5v5 on a small map consisting of 1v1s warzone rules. 1 player from each opposing team enters while the other 8 spectate. Each match is 2 minutes long and if no player kills the other within that time span they will both be executed by a hammer of dawn from the sky. Getting executions during the match rewards you points called “favor”. Getting favor allows you to either buy a weapon for a match, revive for a dead teammate, or a tag (which allows you to swap an alive teammate to fight in your place or choose the next opponent you would like to face). The favor cost varies depending on what you use it on with weapons being the most expensive. Rounds end when five opposing players on a team are killed and it is best out of 3 or 4.


This is a pretty good list! Most of the things here are reasonable to a standard degree.
Some of the things you listed I agree on

  • Turorial (I’ve met players who didn’t even know how to mark enemies!)
  • Theater Mode (Will reduce confusion and make those who like montages easier)
  • Training Mode (For people who really wanna break down the games physics)
  • Ranked Mercenary (Mostly for diversity)
  • Classic Horde Mode (this seems like it would be a cool option with the proper tweaking)
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The return of the characters we unlocked/bought in Gears 4.

The return of actual gore.

Bring back FFA!

Actual good characters in the Campaign

I’ve been saying this since the trailer came out. Kait is avarage.
Tell me a single difference between her and Rey from SW , or any other female character of the last 3 years of games and movies. She. Is. Avarage. And boring.
God , she makes me miss Sam. And GOSH I hated Sam!
These new characters are weak personalities , and predictable.
Reyna? What? Jinn? Please. Del. Did you know that in my country this guy got voiced from the same voice actor of QUAGMIRE from the Family Guy? This is not a joke guys it’s actually him!
Where are true strong characters? Damn , PADUK from Judgement was way more interesting than these guys. Do I have to mention Zeta Squad from RAAM’s Shadow?
Mihn , Barrick , Tai and Valera. GOLD.
Give us impressive Characters.

Also Gear Customization would be a great leap foreward tho.

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Wingman should also return

I want to see the continuing progress bar for my achievements back just like in gears 2,3. I am tired of pulling up my menu or physically tracking it when the game should do it. The could is out there just resource it for the updated systems and 4k you want to use it at. As far a Gears 5 goes I just want a good campaign, good multiplayer social and rank with no major adjustments.(this means leaving all playlists available at all times unless there is some major glitches then shut it down and fix it). I hope TC will make this gears fan happy. I jumped on the gears train during two and then bought 1, 3, even judgement(which I feel should have been a 10 dollar dlc for gears 3 still to this day).

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That one is missed.

HDR and Dolby Atmos on PC. :eyes:

Horde that fills with AI so I can play solo when no one else is playing or wants to play as we play so I don’t end up by myself unable to finish the wave. New bounties that cover all characters and special events. Extra xp at least once a month or every 2 wks especially when not much is going on. Separate packs for ranked players.

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Another thing I forgot to add is no duplicates in packs, and more unlockable/craftable characters.

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