Gears Of War 5 Tuning and voting system

Just a suggestion.
Now, Before there is any changes to the Gnasher, the Gnasher always gets tuned for GOW 4 . I don’t know if any other Gears game had this issue, but 4 is the only one I know of. While not a lot of people complain about any other weapon tuning. If the Gnasher works, and the hit box is correct like it should be, then don’t tune it. If there are people complaining about how bad the Gnasher is, don’t just change it for everyone, I think there needs to be a voting system. and lets say it goes 50/50 right? then let the people that want the tuning of the Gnasher, tune the Gnasher, and those that don’t want the tuning, keep what they have. Here is an example; [ I am killing a bunch of players with my Gnasher, and the players and I are not sponging being sweaty or not. If my Gnasher is hitting them directly and the aiming is not off, then they should go down in 1 or 2 hits depending how close they are. I am not saying I am the best player or anything, but if my Gnasher gets tuned, well, now the Gnasher is worse then it was before. Now you got a Gnasher that is broken, and players are going to be spongy as heck, and if there is one thing I dislike most about this game, is the sponginess.] So please, for the love of goodness… DON’T TUNE THE GNASHER. Unless there is something wrong with that players Gnasher, then tune there’s. I don’t want my Gnasher to be tuned if there is nothing wrong with it. You will just make it worse. So please just ask, don’t assume. One more thing, If the voting turns out not 50/50 and it is like, example; [ 70/20/ or 24/75} or what ever the percent numbers are, if I vote no, then leave my Gnasher alone. That includes the other players that voted no.

This isn’t how balancing works.


Pure insanity lol

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Also a wall of text with no sensical direction.

Where do people come up with these ideas?

It happened many times in 4 so idk why you think it won’t happen again. They already messed up by having two tunings and splitting the community.

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