Gears of war 5 - The game that was born dead?

Gears 5 is the worst in the whole saga and you will say why? If you have good graphics and a good campaign, from my point of view is that the community does not mention anything
I mean there are many mistakes; And the community is used to it
They don’t want to talk about that there is no content and they sell what little there is
At this point the game is dead
No content
No maps
There are no characters
Not good skins
I mean the game is in a hole




While the content has definitely been drip fed to us that image is a bit misleading. Why does Gears 4 get the benefit of the doubt in adding old maps but Gears 5 doesn’t?

I agree with your point. It’s just the creator of this image had an agenda.


Did anybody ever figure out the easter egg on anvil with the exploding shells???

Do you not read the forums? Clearly the community has voiced opinions on lack of content.


Hmm let’s see.

Yeah sure but I see at least 3 threads a day about content or TOD content, some of which I’ve made myself.

According to @Nineteenth_Hour the game is stronger than launch (statistically).

A common complaint by players.

I hate newbies to the thread that say “The community clearly doesn’t care,” and then makes a bunch of points that the community does talk about and complain about often, just that TC isn’t responding to any of it.


As much as I’m inclined to agree— More Maps > Unique Maps. Most of the maps made for Gears 5 are disliked throughout the community with people asking on the weekly for River, Blood Drive and Jacinto to come back.

I’d rather have every past Gears map remade and able to have a wide selection to choose from than have 5 piss-poor excuses for a map that are so open they almost qualify as a map in Battlefield 3.


The ignore button is a wonderful thing. You should try it. I think I have a couple hundred trolls blocked at this point.

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Again, nonsense.


Yeah the community has defiantly voiced their opinion so I don’t know what he’s talking about.


Yup we have voiced our complaints. He is wrong

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Putting aside that your entire post is just stating wrong things about the forum community, whether through lack of knowledge or ignorance…

I’m pretty sure I saw this image on Twitter as well earlier, and it’s far from accurate. It’s supposed to be about new maps post-launch, and here’s a hint : Gears 4 only had FOUR actually new post-launch maps iirc, with Dawn, Diner, Speyer and (if you count it as one or I’m not mistaking it for another) Glory, though some argued it was a Trashball reskin with only a few minor changes to the map layout. Whoever made this picture is just biased - negatively - to the point of obstructing objectivity while they were making this.

Move on, nothing to see here but another Gears 5 hater desperately scrambling for more false points to bash the game on. Because reskins of old maps in Gears 4 clearly count as new.


I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, most people would expect me to blindly agree but absolutely not in this case. That image, as stated above by Krylon, is terribly inaccurate and bias.

Your comments on the community are very wrong as well, but the worst insult is the title:

“Gears of war 5 - The game that was born dead”

It’s Gears 5. It’s not worthy of the “of War”.

Do not make that mistake again.


LOLLLLL this is way too funny. This gave me a great laugh. Thanks bro.


The best part is that I doubt op is gonna reply to any of these responses

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Because for Gears 4 they actually remade the old maps but in Gears 5 they just ported maps from Gears 4 without any visual changes.


Yeah but they also remade old maps with very little changes. It’s not just a “port over” from 4 to 5 like it’s just Legos where you can stick them anywhere.

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Alternate title
“Gears 5, The game that woke up dead”

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gears 5 def needs maps.


I saw the thread title and knew immediately.