Gears of war 5 test servers July 19-22

I have yet to get into an game after the wait first from it saying the servers where full, to buggy first start, now it’s running ok, but I have been waiting for 1hour and 10 minutes to get into a versus game. Still waiting. After the 10 am release, I waited 20 mins to even get in. Then I had to grow threw the bootcamp. And have been waiting for a versus game for probably 30 minutes now. All together a hour and 10 minutes. Why is the multiplayer so slow if I had to wait before even playing due to servers being full???. And if I leave I’m affriad it’s going to make me wait another 20 mintues or so to even get back in agian. Why am I already disappointed man. This was supposed to be a lead up to a great game and it’s a ■■■■ start to what looks like is going to be a buggy, slow game that gets big and dies the first month. Very disappointed.

all i wanted was to play onematch, but it booted me out 2 times saying i was inactive making me wait another 10Min. now., its claiming i have 3 hours.

I’m pissed also. I been waiting an hour to get in a game, then it kicks me ( even tho I’m going in and out of the menus) for being inactive. Now my wait time is 6 hours. Bullcrap. They weren’t prepared. It’s sad. All this hype. Anthem didn’t even do this ■■■■. I got to play and play during their trials and demos.

I’m trying the arcade now. Its stuck on loading map. Now I’m more sad then anything. The games obviously going to have issues at launch. But due to mass of players… like really?