Gears of War 5 Tai Kaliso

So we finally got Tai Kaliso and not just that, we got a completely revamped Gears 2 Tai AND it includes his badass armor and shoulder pad from Gears of war 2! Not even Gears of War 2 multiplayer included that! They removed it since they thought it might cause issues.

Awesome job TC.

Now my only request is if we can please have Tai do his high pitch battle cry when he does his executions. Gears of war 2 and Judgment Tai did this whenever curbstomping or executing enemies and it was so awesome.

As it stands now Gears of war 3,4 and 5 only have him do it when he retro charges which is fine but it’s awesome when he does it for executions.

If anyone needs reference please see below video whenever Tai does any executions on crawling enemies

I never thought we would get Hollow Storm Tai but seeing is believing and since this is such a minor change. I hope TC can do it since it’ll only make the game feel more like Gears of War 2


I know bro,

When I saw it in the Tour I about lost it. This is the first time “True” Tai will be playable in any Gears game. I mean even in 2 they took the shoulder pad off.

I’m so close to unlocking him. He will be forever more my Gunner class when I do.



Oh yeah man. Tai looks so beast with heavy weapons. I cannot express how happy I am we got this skin. I never thought we would get it! Happy friday man!


With the love for judgement TC has hopefully we get jungle Tai.
Tortured Tai would also be a cool skin.(with his head obviously)


Can’t wait to play as GoW2 Tai …now if only Tc can add the V-Day Dom variant

Me is my brawler with the scorcher build !!!

And I hope aswell they gonna add Jungle tai, I want it so much in Judgement. I remember looking on internet to see if somebody was selling the code

Tai could fit many roles.

Heavy weapons for the juggernaut look.
Brawler for the unstoppable force feel.
Sniper for the hunter in the jungle look.

Side note: Hollow Storm Tai’s head is fat as hell, lol.

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Blade dancer Tai ?


Haha yeah but if you remember in gears 2 Tai was one of the bigger muscley chunky characters too. He’s pretty old by the time Gears 2 rolls around if I remember correctly. So his younger leaner cut self is behind him. You can tell too by his arms. They’re slightly more muscular than his raams shadow variant. Pay attention to the neck area it’s got more chunk to it. Amazing detail attention to TC