Gears of war 5 rant

flashbangs. Horrible idea & guns do way too much damage. No maps either.

I noticed that they over complicated button commands in horde… Left trigger + right stick + right trigger = place defenses. Just use the A button. Why are certain things in horde locked to certain characters that’s lame & way too overcomplicated.

The Champaign though, so amazing for the first act then it goes semi open world for who knows what, why? I like my gears stories with linearity not some stupid drive around a wasteland of nothing and do this menial task and do that afterwards, garbage 0/10 worst campaign. Like the lore but it’s not worth the trek. Door animations nuff said

Don’t even get me started on the grind, holy moly the grind is awful and for what some skin? I want to play the game modes provided and unlock things at a fair rate but it feels like I have to do [Seriously 70.0] for every character, again WHY? no reason for this garbage. Feels like a free to play call of duty third person game with the gears license on it, but charged me money for just the ability to enter it.

For this being a MICROSOFT first party game you would think they would monitor this and quality check what is being produced here. Absolute disapointment. Remaster gears 2 & 3 on pc without this monetization and leave the franchise alone. PERMANENTLY.

Rant over

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So was this a rant or a review? :thinking:

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Kinda both

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