Gears of War 5 Ranking Is It Good?

The ranking system. Its been here since Gears of War 4, now its in Gears 5. Should we be hyped? No, the reason I say this is because its heavily broken… I know you could argue this is a “beta” but is that an argument? Gears of War 4 ranking system worked almost perfectly in the beta.

Since the ranking system has gone on I thought it would be the “same” as Gears of War 4’s, I was very wrong. Hoping that it would be improved to show people how the new ranking system would be, it turned out to be worse then the any ranking system I’ve seen.

Story time:
I’ve played this tech test for a good part of my day. It was “broken” at first but I played arcade for a while, not gonna lie I actually enjoyed it! I think it should have more than two people in a party to play but that’s a different story. Once I got into a ranked game with two of my friends we played six games (one friend left at the last game) when playing we won all the placements! I got second on the leader boards three times, one MVP, and one win by “forfeit” It counted as a win for only me for some odd reason? During all these game (except one) I drop more then 50 EVERY TIME! At the end of all this I got a (96%) silver ONE? I was told don’t mind this mainly because no one was ranked probably. I dismissed anything I was thinking. I played one more game with my friend to get his placement. At the end of that game he got silver THREE. He had gotten fourth on the leader boards a couple times and I was very puzzled. I wasn’t that mad at the part. The part I got mad at was when I saw the ranking for me I noticed that my ranked jumped… My ranked jumped from the silver ONE to a bronze THREE for no reason? The rank dropped 100% off of one game. I got really mad at this cause I never thought the ranking system was that broken, Thus why this article is being written cause I’m VERY puzzled on how all of that happened…

I was looking forward for the multiplayer, the ranking system kinda killed it all real fast… I know you’ll fix it at some point but are you gonna fix mine? (wishful thinking.)

Anyways I hope you all fix this! I wanna get hyped for this multiplayer but I don’t know anymore?

This is NOT a beta this is a tech test. The entire point of letting us play this weekend is to find bugs. Nothing more

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